Friday, March 29, 2013

Sadness and Sickness

I can't believe I haven't updated in over a week! Where did the time go? Lets see what's happened... Friday I went to Walmart to get stuff to make to take to moms for after the funeral. I stayed up until after midnight making 2 casseroles.
Went to the funeral on Saturday. It was a short service. Mom told me that it started at noon, but the papers said 1:00, so we rushed to get there at noon, but nothing started until 1:00. Afterwards we went back to mom's for the burial. Words were said, hugs were given, lots of people left, some stayed and had some food. We stayed about an hour or so afterwards. That night, around 10:00 Zach was hollering from his crib. We went back there and here he was, sitting in throw up. It was everywhere. It was on him, all over his bed, in his floor, on his pillow and blankets... and it was mostly curled milk where he drank a cup and it just sat on his stomach. I took his diaper and shirt off and rushed him to the bathtub. Hubby attempted to clean up the bed, but he ended up throwing up twice. After I scrubbed Zach down, I dressed him and put him in my bed so I could take over cleaning up his room. Hubby had taken the sheets and blankets downstairs to throw in the washer. I scrubbed his bed and his floor and spayed some Lysol to help with the smell. Zach slept the rest of the night.
Sunday, me and Zach got up around 7:00... he was fine. No fever and playing like normal. 10:00 I decided to try to get some food in him. As soon as we walk into the kitchen, he throws up again. At least it wasn't on carpet this time. I clean him and the floor up and give him dry Cheerio's. He went all day without doing it again and was acting like he was fine. He ate crackers and toast all day so when it came to dinner, I thought he was fine... that the puking was a fluke, maybe he just ate something that upset his stomach... so I gave him a couple mini corndogs. BIG MISTAKE! It ALL came back up. Threw him back in the tub and cleaned up the corn dog mess. I forgot to pick up his plate and he went back to eating them! I then took them away and he was not happy about that. I gave him teddy grahams and told him they were cookies and he was ok. That night the diarrhea started. It was just like water. It leaked through his diaper and got onto his floor. He got another bath and I scrubbed his floor again. I gave him Pedialyte that night and all day Monday. I took Monday off. He was fine Monday. He was just cranky. We both ended up taking a 3 hour nap on the couch.
Lilly no longer has to sit in a booster seat. She is finally old enough to sit in the regular seat of a car. The seat belt even sits on her right. It makes me so sad. She's growing up on me. Too fast. We have softball practice tonight too. Her team colors are lime green and black. I'm excited to see the uniforms.
Weather is warming up, so I'll be able to get out and walk some more. I went yesterday and was going to go today, but CJ is wanting to hang out and wonder around the mall. I've lost a total of 12.6 pounds now. Its been hard losing lately. I've been so stressed out.
Saturday, I'm taking Lilly to see the new OZ movie. We are both super excited. That night I'm going to have to get their baskets together. I bought them some straw glasses to put in their baskets. Bought Lilly some little nail polish bottles and Zach some rubber snakes too. Probably going to try to go up Mom's Sunday to do a big Easter Egg hunt with all my cousins and brothers and such. Its supposed to rain though.
Oh, my grandma had surgery on her hand last Friday because her fingers were getting stuck. Everything went ok, but she is still wrapped up and she said it feel like she's wearing a boxing glove!

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