Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Holy Cow

I am so tired today. I couldn't sleep last night. I kept having the same boring dream over and over again. I was in my kitchen making my salad for the next day's lunch. THAT'S IT! After all of my horrible dreams that have me up every other night, a salad is what keeps me up now. It was just so boring! I woke up every half an hour and when I went back to sleep, there was my salad again. It was a looooooooong night.
5 year anniversary was Friday. He got me a chocolate diamond necklace and here I am with only a wooden figurine to give him. We went out to eat kind of late and ended up at a place that Lilly wouldn't eat. I told him to go somewhere else, but he kept insisting.
Saturday we took the kids to the pool and they had a blast. Hubby didn't so much. 2 little boys kept following us around the pool and splashing him. I got a good laugh out of it. Later that night I took the kids out to catch fireflies.
Sunday, hubby went to Ohio to get fireworks. Me and the kids had a picnic and a water balloon fight. After I realized that Zach wasn't going to nap, we went out for some frozen yogurt. Hubby got home about the same time we did.
I think I need my eyes examined again. I can see fine, except when I'm on the computer. Everything gets all blurry.
The fire fighter who got arrested back in February for shooting at his wife and kids at a grocery store's parking lot, was released on a property bond Friday. He and hubby don't quite see eye to eye because he is dating hubby's sister. A move by her that we don't understand or support. She has 4 kids and I'm pretty sure she kicked her husband of 20 years out and divorced him so she could be with this guy. Things have been rough with her for a few months and this other guy has been in jail. But now he's out and his trial isn't until September. I'm now scared to be home without hubby. This guy shot at his kids and  his wife and then dumped the gun at Lilly's school. Its hard to tell what else he has planned for anyone else. I know he and hubby are going to end up fighting before this is all over. Hubby's oldest nephew has been reporting back to us everything that's been going on. Hubby's nephew spent his 16 birthday by himself mowing the grass while his mom and her boyfriend were out. Later that night, his mom was out with the boyfriend and someone tried to break into her house. He called his mom. She didn't come home. Hubby went over and made sure everything was ok. And to top everything off, this jailbird is flirting with hubby's 13 year old niece and her mom either can't see it or doesn't care. She's sitting on this guy's lap! He's always hugging on her. A lot is going on with this guy and I don't like it. He hasn't even been out of jail for a week yet and I'm already a nervous wreck. He's even out running fire calls again. Thankfully, I think they found a way to be able to kick him off the fire station without him being able to fight it. I know where my gun is, the clip is in, but not all the way. All it'll take is me 3 seconds to push the clip in and cock it. It just blows my mind that hubby's sister is letting him stay at her house around her kids and flirt with her daughter. What the hell??!!
It was actually to the point where I was considering her a really close friend. We got along great and I liked hanging out with her. But then she pulls this. I don't trust the guy. I don't trust her judgment. I'm scared for what's going to happen. I pray for her kids every night.
OH, and get this... the night before he pulled the gun on his wife and kids, this guy takes all of the guns that are in his name and takes them to his dad's house except the one that he used. Planned? I do think so.
So, this is what has been consuming my mind. Saturday, when me and the kids were out in the yard in the dark catching fireflies, hubby leaves in a rush. Doesn't say a word. Runs out of the house, gets in his truck and leaves. He doesn't turn toward the main road like he's going to the fire station. He heads the other way towards where this guy's house is. First thing that runs through my head is, "OMG, he went to his house and his wife was there and they are fighting." Or something. I thought something horrible happened. He's not allowed around his house until the divorce is final. So, I rush the kids in the house and get them in bed where I know where they are. Grab my gun and lock all the doors. I turn as many lights on as I can without it looking weird. I stand in the hallway before the kids bedrooms where I can see the front door and hear everything else. I'm ready. Hubby comes home and says that it was just a fire call for a brush fire, but it turned out that it was a controlled burn. And guess who else was running the call... jailbird! In hubby's sister's van, with her and her daughter there too. Hubby said he didn't even get out of his truck. He just sat there and watched.
My next thought is going to the July 4th party we always go to at hubby's best friends parent's house. That's where we always set off fireworks that they went to Ohio for. I bet jailbird shows up there. He's always gone and 'helped' set off the fireworks. He mostly ends up knocking them over or getting in the way. I hope he's smart enough to not show. After that is the fire fighter picnic. I hope if they find a way to get him suspended from the station, he can't go to this either.
I've never liked the guy. From day one, I despised him. There was just something about him that I couldn't stand. I told hubby several times that I hated being around him, that he's nothing but a no good drunk who if probably on drugs. "No, he's a good family man." is what hubby would say. He drank beer like it was water, didn't give a damn about his kids and always looked high on something. Everyone loved him. He was a hoot to be around. A guy to go to for a good laugh. I was the only one who didn't like him and everyone thought I was crazy. So.... a couple weekends ago, I threw the ol' "I told you so" in hubby's face. I probably shouldn't have, but for 5 years, I've been warning him about this guy. I don't hate people for no good reason. There's always a reason even if I don't know it. I like most of his friends. It was just this one guy and there's one girl I can't stand and I can blame hubby for her being around. We went out to eat with a group years and years ago and she was our waitress. One guy thought she was cute. Hubby gave her the guy's number, even though I told him not to. All they do is fight now. Married 3 years, I think. Can't stand her.
I went running Sunday and got my pace per mile down to 13:39. By the time of the first race, I want to be down to around 10 minutes per mile. Which means that I need to get out more. If we don't hit up Walmart tonight, I'm going running. I'm saving up time at work so I can leave early on Friday's and go running from work.....if its not too hot and humid. I don't want to pass out or anything. I'm only down 16.4 pounds and I should be further along by now. I need to kick this into gear and run more.

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