Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Do Over!!

Lilly's gone for a week. I dropped her off Saturday to her dad so she could spend Father's Day with him and have a week down there too. My 5 year anniversary is Friday. The city is having its 150th WV celebration. Fireworks, boat rides, concerts, art walks.. all kinds of fun stuff the weekend of my anniversary. I told hubby I'd love to come down.. even if it was just for the fireworks. I doubt we will though. He didn't seem too thrilled about it. He has plans that weekend to go to Ohio with his buddies to get our own fireworks. They sure did pick a nice weekend to go. 5 years of marriage and he's going to be in Ohio and I'm spending the day with my little man. Oh, and we're gonna have fun. I'm taking Zach out to eat and we'll go to the park and who knows what else we'll get into.
Yesterday, Father's Day... was... sucky. I thought we'd go to his parent's house like we always do, but his dad isn't feeling well and his mom just had knee surgery. It rained. Zach didn't nap all day, so he was a bit grouchy. Ok, back up.. Saturday the kids gave him gifts from Lilly and the one from both of them. He got a new beach towel and a cup with his favorite NASCAR driver. He had to work. He only stayed there about an hour. I took the kids to a birthday party then we went home to play. Hubby called and I met him at his parents house so the kids could give grandpa his gift. We went home and hubby mowed and Zach napped. I left with Lilly while Zach napped to drop her off. I came back home and hubby was working on the dog house. Note that this is day 4 of working on the dog house. His cousin comes over to help. I thaw steaks to grill. Time goes by. I put Zach to bed. I go take a look at the dog house... and I thought they'd be further along than they were. Whatever. No dinner at all.
Sunday, Zach gives hubby his gift-grill set with the fire fighter emblem. Hubby goes to work, takes my car because his is leaking something. He's gone for a couple of hours. Me and Zach play outside, do laundry, play with Oreo. Hubby comes home and goes straight to work on the dog house. He leaves to get more wood, leaving all the tools in the yard, knowing its about to rain and asks me to take the tools in the garage when it does start. I agree. I get Zach inside to try to feed him dinner, get a bath and take a nap, but all he does is cry. I finally get him calmed down and the second he quits crying, he is asleep.... on me.  Anytime I move, he starts crying. I sit there and wait a while. My phone is on silent and in my back pocket. Hubby gets home, swings open the door and starts yelling at me for not answering my phone or taking the tools in because its raining. I apologize and he slams the door. Zach is awake and crying now. Thanks. Zach finally quits crying enough to tell me he wants to go outside. So, out we go. I do finally get him to eat some fish sticks. 8:30, I put Zach to bed. The dog house is nearly done by now. Hubby wants to put shingles on the roof of it. 5 days... working on it for 4 to 5 hours each day...
I order pizza and hubby picks it up and rents the movie Snitch. I told him before he went that he'd end up watching it alone because its already late and I knew Zach wouldn't sleep well because he was too tired and his allergies were kicking up. 9:15, the movie goes in. 10:30, I go to bed. As soon as I crawl in bed, AS SOON, Zach starts crying. I tend to him. 10 minutes later, he peed the bed and is crying again. I ask hubby for help and we get everything cleaned up and him back in bed. Then Zach had me up from midnight until about 2:00 when hubby's fire pager went off for a fire. Hubby lays in bed for a few minutes, gets up and goes cleans up, brushes his teeth and gets dressed before he leaves. I then lay in bed and listen to the pager until I just can't listen anymore. I have no idea what time it was when I finally put it up and went to bed. 5:00, hubby comes home to take a shower and go to work. Neither one of us got any sleep.
It was just a 'not so great' weekend. I've had worse, but I was kind of expecting it to be better than that.
Today at work is crazy hectic. My boss is at the beach and there's crap going on that she should be here for.
Friday at Relay was ok. I was a little disappointed in the turn out. Lilly and Zach had plenty of fun though and I made sure they ate tons of junk. They had hot dogs, snow cones, cookies, ice cream, chips.. Lilly had taco in a bag instead of hot dogs. Lilly hoola hooped, and they both played with 'swords'- cut up pool noodles. We got them glo sticks, necklaces and bracelets and the bracelets kept leaking. We got about 5, and they kept breaking and leaking. When we were leaving, my hands were glowing. The ceremony was ok. Zach was getting tired at this point and was crying. Lilly fell asleep on the way home.

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