Friday, June 14, 2013

Relay is Today

Birthday went ok, I guess. Gals at work got me a cake and a gift card. Lilly made me a card and hubby gave me the gift I already knew about. He bought me an ice cream cake.. I told him last time that I really don't like ice cream cake, but he got one anyway... and I ate a piece of it last night anyway. I'll eat it. I'm not a fan, but I'll eat it.
I've got my Pandora station set on 90's pop music just to take me back in time. Salt n Peppa's song "Shoop" just came on. I didn't realize just how dirty that song is! I had their CD when I was like 10 or something. Cracks me up.
Tonight is Relay and I'm excited. Its not hitting me this year like it has in past years. I actually forgot about it last night. Lilly asked me what time we had to "be at that thing." And I told her we weren't going anywhere tomorrow. She had to remind me.. "the cancer thing, mom.. at the capitol" Oh, yeah! That!! I haven't donated any items for the Bingo, I didn't really do much to decorate my luminary bags. I let Zach scribble on one in memory of Aunt Hope, Lilly did one in honor of Maw Maw Agnes, and I did mine in memory of Mary.. my friend that died of lung cancer 3 years ago. I invited her daughter, who is a little older than me, but she's in North Dakota right now.
I walked to the mall yesterday, its just 2 blocks away from work, just to look around. It was my birthday and I didn't want to be at work. It was all nice and sunny when I left. Not 10 minutes later, it was storming. I had to go buy an umbrella at Hallmark and then I hung out at Qdoba's and had lunch until the rain let up enough for me to get to work. It was a mess! Hard rain, strong winds. I sat near the window and watched people running through it. Good entertainment. I saw my second boyfriend at Qdoba's. I was looking out the window while in line and he was behind me and he said, "You look familiar." I looked at him and my jaw dropped. I thought he was dead! The last time I heard from him was the day before I had Lilly. I saw him and his brother at the mall and he told me he was moving to Taiwan. Haven't heard from him since. It was weird. He only works a few blocks from me. A mechanic. Most of my exes are mechanics, it seems. I didn't think to ask him if he had kids or anything, I was in shock that he was alive.
This morning, the dog was impossible!! Hubby woke me up and told me to make sure the kids stay away from him because he poopped on the porch and then rolled in it. I got dressed and Zach woke up. Got him up, put him in his bean bag chair and turned on cartoons. I wen to move my car out of the garage so the kids could go through the front door and not see the dog at all. Get back in the house and Zach is outside with Oreo! I cleaned him up then I went to untangle the dog because he wrapped himself around the picnic table. I got the stuff all over me... my hands, my shoes, my pants. I had to clean up and change clothes. I got the kids ready and looked out the door and he was tangled up again! I went back out there and had to change and clean up again! Didn't occur to me until I made it to work that I should have moved the picnic table to the other side of the porch so he couldn't reach it.
Left my cell phone at home too. I feel kinda lost without it. I left it laying on the bed when I went to go change clothes. I kept trying to tell myself to go back and get it, but Zach kept trying to get back out to the dog and I was getting aggravated.
Hoping to leave work kinda early today. Planning on going home, giving the dog a bath, washing off the porch, packing for Relay and then getting the kids, bring them home to get ready and wait on hubby to come home and shower. Can't believe I forgot my phone. That's the first time in like 2 years. I forgot it once when Zach was a baby. Lack of sleep and trying to remember everything else got to me. I called hubby this morning and told him and called mom and told her. I didn't want them to call or something and I not pick up and it cause some panic. I know that the day care will call hubby if they don't get a hold of me.
Ok... going to lunch. Its a little early, but I want to leave early today.

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