Thursday, November 10, 2011

15 days!!!

Oh, there's just so much planning. I'm still obsessing over Black Friday especially since Walmart has finally up their ad out. They, along with Toys r us so far, are opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving. We are going to have to start even earlier this year. I'm afraid that the things I really want are going to be gone. I don't think I can make it there in time to get hubby's gift and its the cheapest at Walmart so far. I'm still waiting for Target to release theirs. Maybe theirs will be as good. I just don't know when I'm going to leave hubby's sister's house for Thanksgiving and even then I have to drive 20 miles away to drop Zach off to my grandma and Lilly off to her father. I think I'm going to ask hubby's mom is she can get hubby's gift for me if I give her the money. She is a Black Friday junkie too.
So, I am taking a vacation next week. Well... I guess if offically starts tomorrow. I won't be back until the 21st, so there will be no update to this blog or my other one..
You can bet your hiney that I'll be freaking out about shopping during that time off. I'll be freaking out until its all over.
Well.. take care everyone and be sure to come back on the 21st for a new post!

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