Monday, November 21, 2011

Vacation is over

So, my vacation was uneventful. I didn't really do much. I wanted to clean, but I hardly got anything like that done.
Hubby took me and Zach to Toys-r-Us and we shopped a little for Christmas. We got a lot of things that aren't going on sale on Black Friday. We even picked up something for Lilly's birthday.
My bff and I have been super planning for Friday. I have babysitters, color coded sheets, a list of things I'm definitely going to buy and where, a list of things that I might get if I have money...its things that aren't on sale that can wait, a list of things we need to survive and my go bag packed. My go bag has all my survival gear in it... hand sanitizer, pens, paper, snacks....things like that. Super excited! Our plan is to line up at Target really early while a lot of people are at Walmart and Toys-r-Us. We'll get a good spot there, hopefully.
I had bought some colored cookie dough from a fundraiser Lilly was doing for the Y and we finally made some last night. The blue cookie dough turns your mouth colors.
This is a picture of the cookies befor I baked them. Still ooey gooey.

Lilly has been doing great with soccer. Her first game, she scored 5 goals. Her second game she scored 3, and she was feeling sick. They were also alternating her team members in and out. There were way more kids from her team that showed up that day. Here's a pic of her first game. You see all the blue kids on the left...well Lilly is the first kid in the red to the right of the blue. She's running.
Went to Lilly's school on Thursday for the Thanksgiving lunch. It seemed more organized this year. I think less parents showed up for Lilly's class than last year, so we went through the line pretty quick. I sat with Lilly, Zach and 3 of Lilly's friends. About 5 minutes before we were going to get up, hubby's nephew came to sit with us. I had lunch with 4 first graders, a second grader and a baby. Zach ate all my turkey and a bit of Lilly's pumpkin pie. I think he's going to enjoy Thanksgiving. We have 3 houses to go to.
I came to work after my vacation to find out that they are wanting to cut my overtime. Without my overtime I can't pay day care. I don't know what they expect me to do. A raise has been up in the air for nearly a year now and nothing has happened with it. I need something now. I need something quick. I can't go on like this. I wish I lived in a world where money didn't matter as much as it does.

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