Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is it time to start the countdown?

My goal this week is to clean up and rearrange the apartment so we have somewhere to put our Christmas tree. I don't think its going to happen. I just don't have the time.... unless I want to stay up really late after the kids go to bed to work on it. It'll be easier when hubby gets back from hunting...but that won't be until Saturday.
I'm pretty much done with all my shopping. I just have my grandparents, my step brother's kid, my oldest brother and his girlfriend left to shop for. I think I'll just get them all some ornaments or the tree. There's this new store in the mall that sells nothing but Christmas ornaments. There's Elvis, Betty Boop, hunting ones, high heel shoes, Charlie Brown, The Grinch, wine glasses, pianos, sports, the Beatles... oh, the list just goes on and on. I did buy some already. I got my mom Rudolph on a sleigh, my step dad Walter from Jeff Dunham, Lilly and Zach just got 2 little balls with snowmen on them and their names with the year. We still have to get Zach's first Christmas ornament, but I don't want to get one without hubby.
Work is already decorating for the holidays. There is light up reindeer outside and trees inside. Here's a picture of the trees.
Hubby's mom gave me a book and elf. Its called Elf on the Shelf and Lilly loves it. The elf magically shows up around Thanksgiving and watches you all day. Then, at night he leaves and reports to Santa about if you've been good or bad and then comes back in the morning. Every morning he is in a different spot. No one can touch him or he'll lose his magic and will never come back. You can tell him your wishes, what you want for Christmas and he'll go back and tell Santa that too. I put him up on top of the dresser mirror Sunday night so he'll be there when Lilly came home on Monday. She was so excited to see him. She couldn't wait to try to find him this morning. He was in the entertainment center right beside the TV. So, it gives me a new tradition to begin with my kids. You get to name the elf too. Lilly named him "Dee" so Zach could say his name too... that's all Zach says anymore. He says 'Dee' and 'sissy' and that's about it. He use to say a lot more. Oh, I wish you could have seen his face yesterday when Lilly walked into the nursery with me to get Zach. He stood up and pointed and yelled, "Sissy!" over and over again. He's walking a lot more too. He was all over the apartment yesterday.
Last night, after I put Lilly to bed I had Zach in the living room watching tv. He crawled off the couch and was headed to the bedroom. I said NO and he stopped... still on his hands and knees. I sat there and watch him. After a few seconds he lifted his knee up to take off crawling and I said NO again. He stopped just like before. A few more seconds passed and he lifted his knee up again. I waited to see what he was going to do. He started to crawl away very slowly. I said NO again. He stopped, looked back at me and laughed. A couple seconds passed and he started to go again, before I could tell him NO he took off like a rocket to the bedroom. By the time I got in there, he was already standing up beside Lilly's bed. I grabbed him and told him "No, sissy go night night" and took him back into the living room. He tried it again, slowly crawling toward the bedroom. This time when I told him NO he stopped and laid down on a pillow. It was so comical.
I don't really know exactly what I'm going to get into this week with the kids. We'll see, I guess.

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