Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What do you want to be?

My daughter has said that she wants to be a heart doctor, but recently it has changed to an animal doctor. I know that her mind will change several more times as the years pass, but I will support her no matter what she chooses. She is a very outgoing little girl, but a little shy at times. She makes friends very easily and has a memory like an elephant. She is a very smart child, but she can't sit still very long to study. Last night I was quizzing her on her spelling words and she got every one right, but she had to dance around and roll all over the bed to do it. I'm glad that she's active, but it worries me a bit. She is great at sports, so a part of me can see her as a professional athlete.
I wonder what Zach will be like. He's already a huge flirt and so very happy. He's adventurous and curious. I bet he will want to be something great too. A doctor? An athlete? A fireman? Only time will tell.
I've given some thought about going back to school. I don't know what I would go for though. I use to want to be a teacher, but I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe only time will tell with that too.
Today I'm a very proud mama. I finally remembered to bring the coffee cup Lilly painted for me to work. I love carrying it around and showing it off. 
 Uh oh... you can kind of see my messy desk...
Here's some picture of the kids playing yesterday. Zach was trying to eat his toy and it was just so funny!
Yes... my kids are my life. They make me so very happy, that's why I talk about them so much. They make my life interesting. They give me something to look forward to each day. They make me smile and laugh. I didn't want to be that parent that constantly talked about her kids... but I do. I try not to when in actual conversation with a person face to face. Its difficult

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