Monday, November 7, 2011

My kids are growing up

I sold my car. I'm happy and sad at the same time. I'm glad that's its no longer in my way and now we have some money from it, but it was my car. The first car I paid off. I've had that car longer than I've been with my husband. Well...its gone now. We got $1,500 out of it. I got $200 of that money to put toward my Christmas fund.
Zach says sissy now. He follows Lilly through the house saying, "Sissy" over and over again. For the longest time he was hissing, like a snake, but I guess that was just him trying to say sissy. He doesn't say mom or dad much anymore. He does babble a lot. He takes his socks off now too. Its kind of frustrating to get him all dressed up and then turn around to see him barefoot. Cute, but frustrating.
My bff has learned that she is indeed moving to New York. She was here in West Virginia, then she moved to Virginia. There was a scare that she was going to move to California, but its New York now. Her husband has a great opportunity up there. I just can't believe that she's moving farther away. Good news is that she is coming in for some Black Friday shopping. I think I'm more excited than she is this year. Last year, she was so excited and I was just sort of there and didn't really get excited about it until we were all in the mess of things.
The weather was nice this weekend so I took the kids out to play for a bit. Here's some cute pictures...

Lilly's dropping handfuls of leaves around Zach in the last picture. I thought he would love it, but he didn't seem all that interested.
I was watching a few shows on the DVR yesterday that kind of made me sad. It was about the parents realizing that their kids are growing up. Made me sad because I know that mine are going to. It was the episode of The Middle where Sue goes to some Halloween parties and wears clothes that's in style and then the episode of Modern Family where Phil takes Haley to visit college. That's going to be me one day. Time is flying by. It seriously seems just like yesterday that I was in the hospital having Lilly yelling at her father to quit talking. Great memories. Now she's almost 7!! I'm getting her a real camera for her birthday, well...I've already bought it. She plays sports. I'm very proud of her, but I don't want her to grow up. While we were watching the shows last night, me and hubby told Lilly she has to stop growing. Then we came to the conclusion that she can just go backwards to 2 years old. It made her giggle. I love my kids so much.

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