Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pics of trick or treat

Last night was a lot of fun. Everyone got along, no one whined...no much. It was cold though, real cold. The kids lasted the entire 2 hours, well, ok Zach was asleep around 7:30, but woke up 10 minutes later. We did end up going with hubby's sister and her kids. First we did the trunk-or-treat at the church with the cars, but that only lasted 15 minutes at the most. Then, we packed the kids up and went down a side street that had many other side streets. By the time we got here it was just too dark to take any pictures. I did get one, but its far away. I ended up carrying Zach for a little bit. He was getting really excited and wanted out of his stroller. When he was in his stroller he was shoving his hand down his bucket and getting out handfuls of candy to play with and chew on.
The kids came out of there with their buckets completely full. We ended up pouring them out in a bag halfway through because I didn't want any to spill out. They even got some glow sticks, which I think is a wonderful idea. This one house was giving the babies glow stick necklaces and the bigger kids full sized candy bars. Everyone had fun. I thought that Zach would sleep through the night due to all the excitement, but he didn't. It was the complete opposite. He woke up every 45 minutes or so. As soon as I'd get to bed and get comfy, he'd be awake. I think he was just too tired, and then he got a stuffy nose around 3:00 this morning...anyway...here's the pics of the kids!
Here's the kids playing with their buckets before we left the house. They were in their match skeleton shirts.

Here's the only picture I got of the kids at a house. There's Lilly climbing the steps and there's hubby pushing Zach in the stroller.

Here's Lilly right before we headed out.

Lilly trick-or-treating

Zach right before we left

Zach trick-or-treating

Yeah, they're a little out of order, but I'm too lazy to fix them today.
And as always, you can see these pictures and more here ...there's more pictures from last night.

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