Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Odd Topic

Ok, there's something that I just want to take a minute to talk about. Yes, its a bit odd and honestly, a little out of my comfort zone. Today, I want to talk about.... teeth. Yes, that's right, teeth. I have good strong teeth with a couple fillings because, well, I didn't really take care of them when I was little and I got some cavities. I'm still paying for it these days, but they are getting better. But that's not really what I want to talk about.
Lilly is on her way to losing her 4th baby tooth. She's so excited about it. Its barely hanging on, or so she says. I haven't seen it and I refuse to look at it. Teeth just make me sick. I told her that I could pull it for her, but I'd end up throwing up all over her face. So.. naturally she told me that it was fine and I didn't have to. I was trying to convince her to pull it this morning, but she wouldn't even though it hurts when she eats. She said that one of the teachers at the Y is going to pull it and she doesn't make it hurt. Lilly's refusal to pull her tooth even when its barely hanging on reminded me of me.
I was 7 when I lost my first one, as was she. I remember sitting in my second grade class watching a movie, crying in the darkened room with a paper towel in my mouth trying to pull my tooth. I knew it wasn't going to hurt, but it was just so gross. I could pull it and twist it all around with no pain. When I finally did get it out of there, I cried. I cried so hard they had to stop the movie and send me to the bathroom. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I ended up being the only one that pulled my own teeth. And with every one it was a new kind of horror. I couldn't even look at the tooth once I had it out.
I was a bit old when I lost my last baby tooth. I was... 14 I believe. I had just gotten on the bus to Canada and it accidentally came out. I was in no rush to pull that thing. Like all my other loose teeth, it was just barely hanging on when it came out. I just think that this tooth couldn't hold on any longer. I held it in my hand and tried not to look at it while I frantically tried to find something to put it in. It ended up going in a small inside zipper pocket of my backpack. I never took it out of that pocket. When the backpack got so torn up it needed thrown away... I threw my tooth away too. By 14, there's no need to  hold on to your teeth. You're not going to get money for it, so what do you do it?
When Lilly puts her tooth under her pillow, we have a special plastic container that is shaped like a tooth that we put it in, that way I don't have to touch it. I open it up and dump the tooth in a plastic baggie and put the money in the container and back under her pillow.
If teeth are healthy and intact, not wriggling or decaying.... I'm fine. I can't even look at my mom without her teeth in or even look at her teeth when they aren't in her mouth.
Lilly's not even 8 yet and she's losing her 4th tooth. It kind of makes me sad. My little girl is growing up. She teases me when she has a lose tooth and wriggles it when I'm looking at her. I told her last night that if she wants me to puke on her then keep doing it. She finally stopped. Hubby is ok with teeth. He hasn't pulled one of Lilly's yet, though. But Lilly hasn't pulled one either. No, I think she may have pulled one.
I can't believe I talked that long about teeth.
When I was almost 8, my older brothers ruined everything for me. They showed me mom's box full of all our teeth and told me there was not Tooth Fairy. They then proceeded to tell me that nothing existed, but I was still very horrified that mom had a box full of teeth. Now, I'm the one collecting the teeth...mostly because I have no idea what to do with them. I don't want to throw them out. Ew, and I saw yesterday that someone famous.. Ke$ha or someone, was wearing clothes made out of teeth that her fans had sent her. How disgusting is that? First off...why would you send someone your teeth? Why would you mail them? That's gross. Second... What possessed this woman to WEAR the teeth of strangers? I just saw the headline for it. I refused to look at any pictures regarding this piece of clothing made out of teeth.
Ok....I'm done before I gross myself out some more.

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