Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Where do I start?
Thanksgiving was crazy. First, Wednesday night, my sister-in-law calls me inquiring about Thanksgiving dinner. She thought we were having it at my house and her mom was getting upset because no one has told her what was going on. I told hubby to call everyone to set the record straight. I am not cooking this year. The house is not ready to have that many people in it and I will not be home. I have other places to be. We will do it next year though. His mom went ahead and bought everything so hubby went over there and grabbed some stuff for us to take home to make. Hubby comes home from being out hunting for almost a week with his deer and his buddy's deer saying that all the deer cutting places are full and that he has to go back in the morning, so he spends some of the night stuffing them with ice and storing them in our garage.
Thursday. I got up super early and took a shower and some Advil. The Advil was just a precaution. I knew I'd be getting a headache that day, so I was just trying to prevent one. Hubby leaves to try a deer cutting place to see if they have any openings. This one doesn't. I take Zach and leave to go get Tony and his girlfriend at her house. I make a stop at a grocery store to grab a pumpkin roll. I didn't have time to make anything, so I bought it. I cheated. I then take them back to my house to get hubby, in hopes that he got to drop his deer off at the other place. If he didn't, then he would have to stay home and cut it up himself. Thankfully, they took his deer and he was ready when we got back to the house. I ran inside and grabbed a few things including my brother's engagement ring.
First stop was K-Mart. They were having a sale from 6am to 4pm, so I had to run in and grab a few things and hubby needed to get a doe stamp anyway. I ran in and grabbed a Bopit and Elefun since the games were buy one get one free. We also went ahead and grabbed Lilly's electric scooter. The ad said that it was $74.99 right now, but they already had a tag on it saying it was $69.99. We get up to the register and everything rings up like there was no sale. I told the lady that the games were BOGO and she said that it is and that the money was taken off. I told her that it didn't look that way and she assured me that it was. Hubby then told them that the price on the scooter was wrong. The manager came over and told him that they went ahead and put the tags up to prepare for the sales on Friday. Hubby said if the tag is there then we get that price. She finally told me to come back while the right sale was going on and she'd give me the difference. When we got back to the car, we noticed that she charged me full price for the games, so hubby went inside and got me the sale price on the games and went ahead and got the money back on the scooter.
Second stop-My grandma's house in my hometown around 11:30. We were the 3rd car to arrive. Turkey was just coming out of the oven. My mom was there already. We claimed our seats before the house got full. Slowly everyone started showing up. Food was great. Everyone got along. Zach played with the boys and tossed a balled up napkin around with my grandpa. We didn't stay long.
Third stop-My second ex step-dad's (Jeff) house. Tony had ordered a game and had it delivered there or something and he and his girlfriend (Bre) went up to get it. Seth was up there. He didn't come to dinner. When they got back to the car, Bre had her ring on. He purposed to her and she said yes. I couldn't get it out of them how exactly it happened.
Fourth stop- My other grandma's house. Chris was in his and Tony's apartment just across the street, so Tony and Bre went there while me, hubby and Zach headed inside. Dad and my uncle were there. My grandma has problems with her fingers locking and she can't move them. So I jumped in the kitchen to help. She usually yells at me to get out, but this time, I made her get out. I cut up the ham and put it on the table and made deviled eggs for the first time from instructions from my grandma while she was in the next room. They turned out pretty good. My uncle got the turkey out and everything just fell in place. I texted Tony and Chris and told them to come eat. We made our plates and I texted Josh to see where he was. He was 1/2 hour away. I set up Lilly's little Dora table for Zach to eat at and Chris sat down with him. Hubby didn't eat much since he over stuffed at my other grandma's. Josh finally showed up and I headed out leaving Tony and Bre.
Fifth stop- Home. Zach fell asleep in the car, so we left him there. Hubby unloaded the car and I ran inside to cook real fast. Hubby stayed in the garage while Zach slept in the car. He hid Lilly's scooter in the garage behind some couches that are still out there. I grabbed everything up and headed out the door.
Sixth stop- The in-law's house. When we got there, everyone was in a mood. Hubby's mom was yelling. All the kids were throwing a fit. His sister came into the bedroom where I was putting Zach back to sleep and started going off about how she was getting yelled at by her mom and how her kids have been acting. We ate. They put in some old (I'm talking old) home movies and everyone got into a better mood. I saw hubby at about Zach's age and they look like twins!
At about 6:30 we left there. I dropped off hubby and Zach at the house and I headed out to meet my bff (CJ) at my work. It was the only place I trusted my car to be over night. When I got there, I scared the security guard. He met me at the door and was asking me a million questions. It was a bit comical. CJ picked me up and we headed out.
First shopping stop-Walmart. It took us about 15 minutes to find a parking spot. We had to park in the next store over. The big sale started at 8:00 and it was a little after already. It was packed. I've never seen so many people out at one store. We assumed that since it was so early, everyone was there. People were there with their kids and babies. CJ was after a laptop. I was after PJ's for Lilly, slippers for Zach and 2 Just Dance 4 Wii games. One for the kids and one for my ex neighbor. I ended up getting a memory foam bath mat too and the last Harry Potter movie for only $1.97. It was only $5 and I figured I'd find someone to give it to. When we got there, we went straight back to the electronics to ask about the laptop. They told us that they wouldn't know anything until the sale for the item started which was at 10:00. So we shopped and checked out and at 9:30 we asked them again and they told us the same thing. CJ's hubby was at a different Walmart and they were giving out tickets for the laptops and they were already gone. So, we went to someone that didn't work in electronics and she told us that they would be in the garden section. So we headed there. They were already out... an hour ago and the sale didn't start for another 1/2 hour. She was so mad. Her hubby ended up getting one, but it was a bit more expensive.
Second stop-K-Mart. Oh, I did some shopping here. We got there and it was almost empty. I grabbed hubby's rechargeable Craftsman light and went to the toys and got an arm load before I decided it was time to get a cart. We realized that it didn't FEEL like Black Friday if we could actually push a cart around. I loaded that thing up. I got Jake and the Neverland Pirate's Sword for Zach, 2 old Atari games for some boys, make your own Monster High kit for Lilly, socks for both the kids, a mini La La Loopsy for Lilly, 2 things that looked like pocket knives, but were eating utensils, clothes for both kids, and a bunch of stuff I don't remember. I saved over $90.
Third Stop-mall. We parked all the way on the top and there was a car there with some guys that were freaking us out. We sat there with the doors locked until they left. We went to one of the toys stores and I grabbed up a sit and spin for Zach and CJ got a stuffed dog. We went to the other toy store and I grabbed a bunch of small stuff to make a stocking for someone and Lilly got a zipper bracelet. After that we went into American Eagle, Aerie, and Aeropostale, but CJ didn't find anything. We went up to eat.. its about 2:30am now. We grabbed some Steak Escape and sat down while we ate. After that I hit up Hot Topic to get Donavan a shirt. We walked around Sears, but didn't find anything. We walked to the other side of the mall to JC Penny. Everything online said they open at 4am. We sat and waited until 4:15 and left. Come to find out they didn't open until 6am. We got Starbucks and went into a candle store just to smell some candles.
Fourth stop-Big Lots. Didn't open until 6 and we got there about 5:15. We sat in the car and I cat napped. There was only about 10 cars on the lot and people started lining up. I had to laugh at them. It wasn't like the lot was full and they had to be the first ones inside or anything. Really made me laugh. The doors opened and everyone rushed inside while we were taking our time. CJ got a tv for her step dad and few other things. I got the kids a bean bag chair each and a thing of Spongebob candy. We spent a lot of time here for some reason. I swear I looked at everything in the store 3 times before we left. CJ also ended up getting $60 rugs for $25 because they didn't have the right ones in stock.
Fifth stop-Another Big Lots to see if they had the rugs that she really wanted. They did. We grabbed it and headed out.
Sixth stop-CJ's house to unload the car of all her stuff. This was the first time I had been to her house since she's been back to WV. We had to be really quiet since everyone was still asleep.
Seventh stop-My car to finish unloading.
Eighth stop-Harbor Freight to buy hubby's giant roll away tool box. It came in 3 boxes and they laughed at us when I asked if they could squeeze it in CJ's car. I asked if they'd hold it for me and I'd be back in my bigger car. This store was only a couple miles from my house.
I sent hubby a text to check on him and Zach. They were up (Its about 8am now) and Zach was eating breakfast.
Ninth stop-My car. I say my goodbye to CJ and I get in my car. I had to stop for some gas and went to Harbor Freight again to get the toolbox.
Final stop-HOME. I got home about 9:30, told hubby he was not allowed in the garage and noticed that Zach didn't touch his breakfast, so I made him something else. Hubby hopped in the shower and I had to go to the garage to get his gun and he headed off to go hunting again. Me and Zach hung out. I was exhausted. I got him asleep around noon and I took about an hour nap. I woke up and ran out to unload my car while he was asleep. I sorted everything, took note of what I had and took pictures. I had just put the last thing in the closet when Zach woke up. We had lunch and I called my ex neighbor and she stopped by for a bit. I gave her the game I got for her. 10:00 Zach went to bed for the night and I stayed up until after midnight wrapping hubby's gift. The boxes were really heavy. I had to put them on a blanket so I could push them across the floor. Oh, I didn't mention that it took me forever to actually get them IN the house. Finally wrapped, I covered them up so Zach would leave them alone and I went to bed. He woke up once that night, but I was so tired that I just took him back to my bed with me. I woke up at 7:30 to him staring at me and a wet bed. I stripped the bed and did laundry.
I was supposed to meet a lady that was going to buy Lilly's old clothes off me, but she canceled at the last minute. I went to my grandma's to get Lilly. We stayed there a couple hours before we headed home. About 6:00, hubby came home.
I don't really remember what happened Sunday. Hubby had to work. I stayed in my PJ's all day.
Yesterday was of course Cyber Monday. I ended up mostly finishing off my list of people to buy for. I got Lilly another La La Loopsy (the one she asked for), Zach a t-ball set (that's probably going to be put back for his birthday, my grandparent's a new shredder, all my brothers t-shirts, Jeff an heated ice scraper, hubby's sister and his cousin a cute snowman with some cute saying on it, Chris and Tony a bathmat with bloody footprints on it, and Mom memory foam pillow.
I even made another trip to K-Mart and got more stuff. I bought for hubby's niece. I got her a really cute purse and some cotton candy spray. I got a couple things for hubby's cousin's kid for her birthday and Christmas. I got the kids shoes and an Aquadoodle mat. 2 of my brothers got headphones for their Xbox and a movie for Lilly.
I've spent way too much money, but I'm done. I did just notice that I ordered a shirt of the wrong size for one of my brothers.
I met someone yesterday and sold a few of Lilly's old Barbies and bought Zach a Mickey Mouse train set.
Phew! its been a crazy few days. Oh, yeah... Sunday, we got our tree put up and the Elf on the Shelf came out of hiding on Saturday. Here's a few pictures.......... and no, I forgot to get any pictures of the Black Friday fun.


  1. WOW! Bekah, that has to be your longest post!!
    LOL sorry, but i had to check it on word, 2610 words! my goodness, i had to write a 5000 word essay once in school, you're half way there! LOL :)
    And sorry for being MIA for quite a little while now, Don't get all that much free time, but when I do I'm reading your blog!
    Glad to hear your thanksgiving went well & hoping your christmas goes awesome too!!!!
    All the very best & all my love,
    Simone :):):) xx

  2. Really? 2610 words?!! That's crazy. I didn't even realize how long it was.
    Thanks for stopping in, Simone! And I know all about no free time, so no need to apologize. It was great seeing your name in my comments!