Thursday, November 29, 2012

How many days 'til Christmas?

One of the teachers at the Y pulled Lilly's tooth yesterday. She was so excited about it. She was carrying around her plastic tooth container in her backpack, so she had a place to put it when it came out. Last night, she put it under her pillow and me and hubby realized that we didn't have any cash. I was going to be a bad mom and take money out of her piggy bank to give back to her, but then I remembered my secret stash of weird money. I have silver and red notes, I have Canadian money, I have silver dollars and half dollars, I have money from India... I have all kinds of different stuff...So, I dug out 2 gold dollars, a half dollar and a penny that was given to me years ago when I was working at a convenience store that has a cross hole stamped in the middle of it. She grabbed the coins up this morning and didn't seem very amused until I told her what they were, then she got so happy. "I have 2 GOLD dollars!" And that penny made her day.
Chris, Tony and Bre came down yesterday to look at some stuff that I had put back for their apartment. They only ended up taking the microwave, one towel and my 2 end tables. The didn't want any of the things for the kitchen like bowls, plates, cups, forks and stuff. They did want a pizza pan, but I didn't have an extra one... that I've found anyway. They stayed and watched me cook dinner. It was our Thanksgiving dinner with Lilly. I cooked ham with Dr. Pepper and brown sugar, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. I tried to get them to eat, but Chris only had a piece of ham and that was only to see if he could taste the Dr. Pepper. He said he really liked it. He was also surprised that I made mac and cheese. He said that no one in our family makes mac and cheese for Thanksgiving and he wished they would. So, I told him next year, I'll bring some.
I think I'm going to start posting pictures of our Elf on the Shelf and where he hides. He's been on our mantel, in the Christmas tree, on my bookshelf, on the dining room chandelier and today, he's in Lilly's stocking. Every morning after Lilly is dressed, she goes around the house looking for him and she always thinks that where he is at is funny. The sad thing to me is that when Zach is old enough to get 'into' the Elf, Lilly won't be interested in it anymore. Next Saturday is the Christmas dinner at the fire station and I'm hoping Zach won't cry and throw a fit this time. The Thursday before is breakfast with Santa at the Y, so I guess that will be my trial run. I'm taking that day off to do breakfast with both kids and then go home to clean and decorate for the holidays.
Today I'm selling one of Lilly's old blankets. Its a Dora throw that looks brand new. She hardly used it and don't want it anymore. I'm selling it to CJ's aunt for $15 and tomorrow I'm selling Lilly's old crawling baby for $10. I'm in desperate need of this money since I over did it on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I need to pay day care. With child support, the check my neighbor gave me for getting her Just Dance 4, and the money from these things...I think I will have just enough money to pay for next week day care. Its gonna be tight. I can't spend any money until pay day on December 7th, but I have to pay 2 weeks day care out of that and the satellite. I still have my boss and one co-worker to buy for, but I think I found them some cheap things on Amazon that I liked. Last year they got wine glasses. This year, they are just going to get a funny sign to hang in their office/cubicle. One of them is a saying that my co-worker says all the time.
I accidentally fell asleep last night while trying to get Zach to sleep. He was in my room watching cartoons and then hubby left to go on a fire call. I went to the bedroom and turned the tv off and I fell asleep. I woke up about 10 minutes before hubby came home and realized that Zach had leaked through his diaper...again. So I changed him and cleaned him up and he was getting made at me and screaming until I put him in his own bed. I then changed the sheets and was in the process of putting the ham in the fridge when hubby came home. It seems that every time Zach falls asleep in my bed now, he gets it wet. I should know by now.

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