Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Its almost Time

Ok, ok...tomorrow is Thanksgiving and then I'm off to do some Black Friday shopping. Today didn't start out too well. I was near tears when I left the day care. Took everything I had to not cry. Lilly was getting upset because she wouldn't see me for Thanksgiving. I hugged her goodbye and told her I'd see her Saturday and she wouldn't let go. It sucks so bad. I just got her back Monday and she's going back to his house today. He drops her off at my grandma's on Friday and she'll spend the night there and I'll get her Saturday. I could get her Friday when I'm done shopping around noon, but she wants to stay the night there. I think she'll end up changing her mind. She hasn't stayed there in a long time because she always calls me to come get her. I told her that I'll be out shopping all day anyway and she won't miss any time with me. Yes, I lied, but my grandma really wants her to stay.
My bff came down to my house last night and we made our Black Friday shirts. Mine is uneven and off to one side, but oh well. I let Lilly draw on one of her plain shirts with the paint pens too. Zach wanted to color too, so I got him some crayons and a coloring book.
Tomorrow, I'm going to get up super early and head out to Kmart to do some very little shopping. All I'm going to get is 2 games-Bopit and Elefun. They are buy one get one free. Can't beat that, really. Then at noon, we are on our way back to my hometown to eat with family. There's gonna be about 40 of us crammed into a single wide trailer. After that I'm off to my other grandma's for food and family time. After that we go to hubby's sister's house and I don't know how long I'll stay there before I head out. The first sale is at Walmart and it starts at 8pm that night. But since they don't really close their doors, people go in and grab what they want and wait in line at the registers until 8:00. I'm not going to do that. But I'd like for what I want to still be there when I get there. I don't know what time we're getting started.
Hubby left Friday to go to the "farm" so he can hunt this week. I haven't seen or talked to him since then. It was just me and Zach all weekend until Lilly came home Monday after school. Saturday we didn't do anything, but make a trip to Walmart for some food. Sunday we cleaned. He's such a good helper too. I gave him a Swiffer Duster and he went to town. He helped pick up his toys and do the laundry.
My grandparents came down Sunday with my uncle to show him my house. I cleaned my butt off cuz they were coming and they only stayed about an hour. I swept and mopped, I wiped the bathrooms down, cleaned the toilets, cleaned the kids rooms, cleaned my room, did the dishes, swept the carpet, made the beds, unpacked a couple more boxes.... and now, you can't even tell I did all that. The house is a mess again. I've gotten some clothes out of the basement to sell on Facebook and they are all over my room. The dining table is so messy, theres no way  you can sit down to eat now. Dishes need done again and trash needs taken out... and the kids rooms exploded with toys.
Hubby is supposed to come home today. I don't know what time yet. I haven't talked to him. I sent him a text and he hasn't answered me at all. I love my kids to death, but not having adult interactions for a few days is hard on a gal. It was just me and Zach from Friday afternoon til Sunday when my grandparents came down for only an hour. Then it was just us again until I went to work, but I don't really talk to anyone here.
I know there's  so much more, but I'm getting a headache and I still have some stuff to do before I leave work for the week.
Happy Thanksgiving and I'll have pictures of my Black Friday adventures next week.

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