Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So much

I got a call about 10 minutes before my alarm was to go off this morning and it was my Donavan telling me that mom is in the hospital with chest pains. I told him I'll be there and I hung up on him and got the kids up and ready. I didn't let Lilly know anything was wrong, but I tried to hurry her. Today is hat day at school and she couldn't make up her mind which hat she wanted to wear. I drop them off at day care about half an hour earlier than usual and head down the road. I hit every red light and even got behind a bus. My 15 minute drive turned into 40 minutes. I finally get there and I can't park in the emergency room parking because I need a token from the parking attendant, but there was no one around. So, I go all the way around the hospital to the front where the regular visitor parking is. Instead of being smart and parking near the entrance to the hospital, I just park in the first spot I see... and have to walk. Its about a 5 minute walk to the lobby from my car. I get inside and I decide to take the back entrance to the ER that is only for doctors and nurses. Finally! She was feeling better and not having pain when I got there but her blood pressure was really low. The doctor said that did not have a heart attack, but the muscles are weak. I asked about her blood pressure and he looked surprised when he looked at it and then turned off her Nitroglycerin drip. He said that could be causing it and since she was no longer in pain, she didn't need it. She seemed ok. I hung out a while and mom told me to take Donavan to the cafeteria to get breakfast. On our way out of the ER, I saw someone who looked familiar. It was my aunt and my grandma (mom's sister and mom). They looked at me funny and asked me who called me to tell me my grandpa was in the ER. He was there because he was passing blood. I told her mom was here and I took them to her. Then we went to the cafeteria. I got a banana, orange juice and a cereal bar. He got bacon, sausage and chicken. I made him get a banana too. We ate and went back to mom. She was hungry and was wanting coffee. We went back down and got her a biscuit and sausage, banana, cereal bar and a diet Coke. They didn't have the creamer she liked, so she didn't get coffee. She was kinda sad about the coffee so I made another attempt and went to the cafeteria on the other floor. I stopped and asked my grandma and aunt if they wanted coffee and my grandma came with us. Still no creamer that mom likes. She likes French Vanilla creamer, not the regular. Grandma ends up spilling an entire cup of coffee all over her arm and in the floor. We get that cleaned up and head back. Grandpa is feeling ok, it seemed. I hung out, mom slept and Donavan played on his iPod. My aunt then comes by and says she is going to a doctor appointment close to home and she can take Donavan so he goes. About an hour later, mom was told that there was a room getting cleaned for her. I got the room number and she made me leave. I waited until she ate lunch and headed to work for a few hours. I can't concentrate on anything. I should still be there, but she insisted I leave. So, I'm here. She is scheduled for a heart cath at 9:00 in the morning, so I will not be coming to work at all.

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