Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stress is My Middle Name

I'm sorry for my lack of posting... a lot has been going on and time is not on my side. We've started up softball practice, I have to leave work early for that. I spent most last week in hospital with my step dad. He was having chest pains and the doctors did every test they can think of and can't find much of anything. He has an enlarged heart and the main chamber does have problems with blood flow, but everything else if fine. He has zero blockage. They did an EKG, a stress test, a heart cath, an echo, shoved a camera down his throat and an MRI. I was there everyday. Took all my little brothers with me for the heart cath. They were a handful and full of giggles. After the cath we visited until I noticed his blood pressure was raising, so I took the boys home to let him rest. Tony ended up running outta gas on his way to work, so I had to go pick him up and take him. Lilly spent some time with my grandma and her father's mom. During all of this Josh and Seth were fighting. Seth was wanting to run off and disappear. Took me 2 whole days to calm him down. Then mom started up on him and Josh's wife did too. Took me another day to calm everyone down and explain to mom that she's wrong. Lots of stress last week.
Easter went ok. Spent the day up at moms in the rain and the mud. Hubby didn't go and we had a big fight over that. Didn't talk to him for 3 days after. Things are actually better now. He's been a bit more thoughtful. I just hope it lasts. Kids had fun. That morning they found all the eggs and enjoyed their baskets. The night before I was up late putting together the baskets and hiding eggs. We colored eggs, kids had a blast. The night before that I was putting together about 100 eggs to hide at moms.
Just lots of stuff. My diet suffered last week. Between spending most of my time at the hospital and all the stress, I didn't lose any weight. I was on my feet most of the week too. My joints are still killing me. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not 16 anymore. Weather is warming up, so I've been walking more. Lilly got sunburnt Saturday. She had practice and then we went to the playground, then we stayed outside all day. I washed my car, worked on the garden out front and the kids played like crazy.
Thanks to Pintrest, I have planned out what we are having for dinner for the rest of the month. Today is BBQ chicken thighs in the crock pot. I was wanting to grill them, but Lilly has practice today and I won't have time to cook. Now that I think about it, with practice and games, my dinner planning won't work out like I want.
Work is crazy. People are leaving. People are getting promoted that shouldn't. Everyone's moving around. I need another job. I am not happy here and its just adding to my stress.
Hopefully this week will be a bit less.. full... and I can relax just a little. We have practice tonight, a dr appt tomorrow and practice again Friday.. maybe Saturday too. Lilly's father is finally getting married on the 20th. Oh, yeah... during all this crap with my family fighting and my step dad in the hospital, he calls me up yelling at me for letting Lilly spend time with his mom without telling him. I told him that I don't need to tell him what I do with Lilly during my time with her. I was super busy, it was spring break and I didn't want her stuck at home. She's the one that called me up wanting to see Lilly. It was another big fight to add to my stress.
Took the kids to the store last night for a few things. I gave Lilly the list to read off to me while I pushed Zach in the cart. Zach started screaming and then Lilly kept going "bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread, bread" and standing in front of the cart so I couldn't move it. I was DONE by the time we got out. And the store moved everything around, I couldn't find anything and ended up leaving without half the stuff we went for.
I need to learn to meditate or something...
I'll post pics of the kids Easter later today on another post... .if I remember.

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