Monday, August 2, 2010

3 more weeks!

Just 3 more weeks until I find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!!! 3 more weeks and I can stop referring to the baby as "it." I'm so excited.

I went to the mall on Friday and bought some Belly Bands. They are suppose to help you keep wearing your regular clothes. You just put this band over top the pants that you can't quite fit into. You can leave them unbuttoned and the band smooths it out so no one can tell and it hold up your pants. They were about $17.00 each, but I know I will save money since I won't have to go out and get pants every time I get bigger. I can't find any maternity clothes that I like, so I've just been buying bigger clothes, but now I won't have to until its absolutely necessary. I'm wearing one today, I wanted to try it out so I wore a pair that's a bit snug. I don't know if I like them or not. It doesn't stay where its suppose to stay. Its rolls and moves about. If I put it where its suppose to go, when I sit down it rolls up on the bottom. If I fold it over, it makes me bulge in weird places. I'm going to be adjusting it all day. They only have one size fits all deal. I fits...its just awkward. I may have worn the wrong shirt too. Its not that long and its a bit form fitting. This will probably be the last time I wear this shirt this year. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Life is good. Haven't really been too unhappy lately. I still have my moments, but they aren't as bad. Been getting along with hubby very well. Been more patient with Lilly. Everything is fine and dandy..... for now anyway.

I think when I come back from maternity leave, I'm going to start actively looking for another job. They are wanting to move me up in this company and I just don't feel comfortable doing what they want me to do. I don't like this job and its getting harder for me to pretend that I do. I don't understand this job at all and I've been here for 2 1/2 years. I've told myself that if hubby does get this really good paying job at the warehouse, I'm going to go back to school. Take weekend or night classes or something. Something that won't interfere with my duties at home and take time away from my family. Maybe something online. I don't have a computer at home and I won't get one, but I could go to someone's house if needed I guess. I'll have to see what is offered before I get all excited about a certain job. I still really want to go into teaching, but if that's not really an option, then I will just have to settle with something else. Something that I know I'll like and enjoy. I need to stay here at this job until at least my maternity leave. If I change jobs now I won't be there long enough to qualify for a paid leave. I just really need to get out of here. I am miserable here. I've tried to put a smile on my face and learn to like this job, but I just can't anymore. If I could get out now and still have my leave.....I would in a heartbeat.

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