Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No news isn't really good news

No good news on the loan. No good news on hubby's job. Here is the email that the mortgage loan lady sent me last night.....

"Hello Rebekah:

I have not had any success up to this point getting itapproved. The low reserves and credit scores are an issue. I have notlooked at it yet as a Housing program loan. I am wanting to check onthe scores for the PMI on that. I am sorry, but that is where we are atright now. I will check those scores and see it that will work and Iwant to check with another lender to see if she thinks she might be ableto get it to work through FHA, if that is ok with you. I will just talkto her and explain the situation and then if she thinks it might work, Iwill give you her number."

So I sent her an email back and told her that hubby is really trying to get a job, but the unemployment office won't send out his application. He knows a guy that does the hiring at a warehouse, where he would be getting paid $19/hr.... but he had to go to the unemployment office to fill out the application and now its just sitting on some guys desk under a pile of papers. Its been there for about 2 weeks now....maybe more. His credit score is way better than mine...he's had more time to build on it. If they would have just sent out his application in a timely manner like they are suppose to do, he would have a job, and we would have the house. The whole situation makes me so sad because I know we can make those payments for the house with no problems. Even with him being laid off we can do it....just imagine if he got that job! The loan lady showed us an amount of around $566 for the monthly payments...that is no problem. We pay $250 in rent right now, I won't have my storage building anymore which is another $80, I pay $460 a month in day care which is getting ready to be reduced to either $256 or $336 (it depends if I put Lilly in before and after or just after school care).... my credit card balance is almost zero so that's another $100 (that's what I choose to pay monthly, not what I have to)....his is almost zero too, but he likes to use his, I don't. We have everything else paid off, our cars his 4-wheeler, our rings, my other credit cards, our medical bills (well I guess that's not counting what I'm accumulating now though, but I've still got my fingers crossed for the state insurance).... we can do it with no problems. I don't know... I just know we can do it. Even if we had that payment right now with everything else, we could probably still do it. He pay half, I pay half.... makes me sad.

Taking a day off next week to go see mom. I haven't seen her since June sometime. I'm excited.

Lilly's growing up just a little too fast....although having her being independent is going to help when the baby comes...its still makes me kinda sad. She no longer needs me to tie her shoes or help her take a shower. She doesn't need me to wash her hair or even brush it anymore. My baby's growing up... :-(

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