Wednesday, August 25, 2010

some pics of the baby

Hubby had a job interview yesterday........woohoo!!!! He said it all went really good and the interviewing guy said he's wanting to hire him now, but its not up to him. So I think it is safe to say that he has the job. If the interviewing guy liked him that much I'm sure he will only say good things about him to the people that do the actual hiring. He does have to wait 3 weeks for the drug test to come back. We are 100% sure that will come back ok so there's no worries there. 3 more weeks!!!! Full benefits. Great pay. Its not the job he was wanting or the job he applied for and it pays $5 less an hour, but its still a job and he is finally going to be making more than me. The only thing I don't like is the hours. He said that the guy said the boss might send him home at noon but want him to come back at 8 at night to finish the shift. He'd be working about 10 hour days, but every once in a while (I hope its not a constant thing) he will have to work half, go home, then go back and work the other half. Not a big fan of that, but we will manage.
Hubby finally got to feel the baby move last night. We were laying in bed and he was just kicking the hell out of me so I grabbed hubby's hand and had him feel. He was excited about it. It was the first time hubby has been around when the baby is moving around good enough to feel from the outside of my tummy. Hubby put his hand up there and the baby went to war with his hand. That's all it would kick/punch. It was so cute.

Lilly did great riding the bus yesterday. Yesterday was the first day she rode it in the morning and the evening. She likes it. She did forget to eat breakfast. She said that she liked her chocolate milk so much she forgot to eat. She might not have been hungry. I always feed her something on the way to YMCA. They eat there about an hour after I drop her off then they go to school where she can eat there if she wants. She didn't want to yesterday. The outfit she is wearing today is so adorable. She has on long shorts that come just below the kneee and a black and white tank top. I love that shirt. I wish I could find one in my size. Its white with black designes on it and I think there's even a bit of red thrown in there. So cute. If I remember I will get a picture of her when I pick her up.

Went to get her yesterday and I couldn't find her anywhere at the Y. I checked the gym, I checked her classroom, I checked the playground, I checked the bathroom..... I asked a teacher and she said, "Did you check the playground?" Yes, of course I did. "The one over the hill?" What? There's a playground over the hill. I had no idea. She showed me where it was. I didn't even know there was a backyard to this place. I knew about the little playground the preschoolers play on and the basketball court and the really small playground for the babies.... but over the hill was this huge playground. Full of jungle gyms, slides, ropes, poles, monkey bars, rock climbing, and that was just the side I could see. I wouldn't go down the hill. I was afraid I would fall. There was no path or sidewalk. Just a grassy hill. So that's nice to know. Now when I go pick her up there are a million places she could be. Playground, the hidden playground, class, gym..... wow....

Here's some pictures of my baby.....

Here's his cute little feet. One is bigger than the other cuz its closer to the ultrasound thingy.

Here's his head and a hand. You can see his face in there; the eyes, nose and mouth.

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