Thursday, August 19, 2010

My baby's growing up

Instead of updating how my baby is growing, I figured I would just write. I'll update on the baby on Monday or something or double up next Thursday.

Taking tomorrow off to tend to Lilly. She is starting Kindergarten tomorrow and we both are very excited. We went shopping yesterday for some things she can take for snack time and whenever she takes her own lunch. I don't think either one of us are going to have any kind of problem in the morning saying our goodbyes. I mean, we've been doing it since she was a baby. I've always worked. She's always been in day care. Yes, she's growing up and is starting a big school, but I know she will be ok. We went Tuesday so she could meet her teacher and see the kids in her class. She already knows 5 of the kids. Anthony, Drew, Brayden, Shane and Abigail. I don't know Abigail or Drew. I got more papers to fill out. I need to make my first day of school list so I know we have everything ready to go. I still haven't even written her name on any of her things yet! I need to do that and finish filling out the papers and make her lunch and remember a few more things. I am nervous that I'm going to forget something. Tuesday night I couldn't sleep cuz I kept thinking of things I still needed to buy for her.

They finally finished painting a bridge here. I don't remember when they started, but it seems like it was taking forever. Well... they aren't quite done yet, but almost. There was a voting for the color of the bridge. The options were red, green, light blue, dark blue, or gray. I kept voting for red, cuz really... how many red bridges do you see? I'm always seeing green or blue or gray. Orange would have been nice and bright. So anyway, the dark blue won mostly cuz its the college colors. Some people were making it kinda like a rival thing. Green for Marshall and dark blue for WVU. I still voted for red. This bridge is a very important busy bridge. In order to get from town to the main shopping places you have to go over this bridge and taken the exit that's actually on the bridge. The exit everyone takes here at work to get to work is on that bridge. All of it was closed for the painting. As far as I know, the exits and on ramps are all open again. I don't know. I try not to take the interstate unless I have to or I'm in a super hurry or whatever. I just don't like the though of there being a wreck or something and I'm stuck sitting on the interstate for hours. And the thought of wrecking at 70 mph is a turn off also. I've wrecked, but my major ones all happened at less than 40 mph. I use to not have a problem with the interstate until one guy basically ran me off the road cuz he was going to miss his exit. Stupid people and high speeds do not mix very well.'s the bridge....

The baby is moving A LOT now. It kinda feels like someone is trying to tickle me from the inside. It doesn't tickle, it just feels weird. Um.... whenever I go a long time without eating anything I get the worst heartburn. I guess that's baby's way of telling me to feed it. I use to get sick if I went too long without eating, but now baby has found the power of heartburn. I can handle the sick feeling, but not the heartburn. Its like slowly throwing up fire. I can't wait until Monday. I just know that day is going to go by so slow. I should have had my appointment early in the morning, but I made it at the end of the day so I could just leave work. Now I have to wait until 2:30 on Monday to find out if I'm having a Morgan or a Cameron. A Benjamin or an Asilia. A Rose or an Alexander. Lilly was trying to throw some names out last night and I told her we just need to wait and see what it is first. I think she has forgotten all about wanting to name the baby Octopus. Although, if it is a boy, I'm probably going to get a tattoo of an octopus, kinda like an inside joke while still representing him. I have a tattoo on my ankle of a blue Lily for my Lilly. Of course if its a girl her middle name will be Rose and I'll just get a rose, but a boy...what kind of tattoo do you get for a boy? I don't want to just put his name. I want a picture that represents him. So I figured an octopus would be the way I do it. I'd have a funny story behind that tattoo.

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