Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy nurse

Lilly got her glasses yesterday and she absolutely loves them!! I'm so glad that she likes them and she's not one of those kids that are embarrassed by them. She put them on and the first thing she said was, "I CAN SEE!!!" and she started looking everywhere for something small to read. I hope these glasses will help her reading ability. She's had no problems reading or learning, but maybe glasses with make her experience that much better. Of course, her frames are purple....our favorite color.
Then it was off to the doctor's for checkups and shots.The nurse really made me mad. She went to measure Lilly out in the hallway while I undressed Zach. I undressed him and he was fine until I layed him down to get weighed. I had to lay him down on this really cold plastic thing. I would cry too. He started screaming and screaming. The nurse measured him and we went back into the room where she had me lay him on the table...another really cold thing (and it was cold in the room too, I had long sleeves on and I was cold) and he started screaming again. She went over and said, "He's spoiled." And picked him up. I said no he wasn't. He kept screaming while she was holding him and she said, "See, he's spoiled. I bet you hold him all the time."
I said, "No, I don't and he's still screaming. He is cold. His chin is chattering."
"No, see he's spoiled. He wants to be held."
"No he's cold. He's still crying. And its time to eat." So I took him away from her and was holding him as I wrapped him in a blanket and he calmed down.
"See...I told you he was spoiled. He quit crying when you took him."
"No, he quit crying when I covered him up. I told you he was cold."
"Uh huh." She left. When she came back in he was crying a bit and I was getting ready to put him down to make him a bottle. I put him down and he started crying more.
"See....spoiled." I gave her a really evil look. I made his bottle while he cried his hungry cry. Then I picked him up to feed him.
"Told you. He just wants to be held. You can't hold him all the time. You're spoiling him."
"I don't hold him all the time. He is hungry. He can't hold his bottle himself, I have to hold it for him and I'm not going to hold the bottle to his mouth while he's laying on the table. I'm going to hold him to feed him. He's 2 months old. That's what you do."
"No that's how you spoil them. I can tell. He just wants to be held."
"He wants his tummy full is what he wants and he wants to be warm cuz you guys have it so freaking cold in here that I'm even getting chills and I have clothes on!!"
"You'll learn." and she walks out.
 The doc told us that Lilly needed one shot and Zach was getting 3. We talked a bit about his formula, Lilly's glasses, and sunscreen for the both of them. Then it was shot time. Hubby walked in right before they were to get their shots. Lilly got hers first and she was freaking out until I reminded her that her flu shot didn't hurt. She didn't cry. Then it was Zach's turn. He got 2 in his left leg and one in his right. Lilly cried for him. Next time she's not going to be in the room when he gets his shots.
Tomorrow~Lilly's first t-ball practice and her birthday party. No one has RSVP'ed yet. Should I be worried? Does that mean no one is gonna show up? I'd hate it for her if none of her friends from school came.
Sunday~ Pictures with all the kids and a retirement party

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