Thursday, March 31, 2011


Been running around like crazy lately. I'm spreading myself a bit too thin and I'm beginning to feel the effects from it. Picked the kids up yesterday and went to see my dad since he was home...
I visited and saw this video yesterday. You have to try it, it really does work!!

Just heard on the radio where a group of guys won the Mega Millions for like $319 million!! There was this one guy who always puts money in the pool to buy tickets, but this one time he didn't. Would you not be kicking yourself in the behind if that happened to you??!!
Lilly has ball practice Friday, her father is going to go there after work. Her practice on Tuesday went really well. They played her on first base for a bit and she did excellent. She just needs to work on paying attention and not talking to the runners on base.
Sorry... not really feeling like writing much of anything today. I'm just so exhausted and run down. All I can think about is sleep. Between bottles, diapers, homework, baths, showers, ball practice, doc appts, school meetings, parties, family visits, packing backpacks and diaper bags, laundry, dishes, cleaning, working, driving, screaming, crying, reading books, playing hide-and-seek, having a 'fashion show', singing, dancing, dieting, rocking/swinging/bouncing, grocery shopping, getting pictures taken, trips to the hospital, lugging around that ridiculously heavy carseat......... I just don't really have time to even think.

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