Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Another night of not enough sleep. Zach was just getting into a good routine where he would sleep for about 5 hours before needing a bottle. He'd sleep from about 9 or 10pm until 2 or 3am, but now that he is sick, he's waking up more often. He can't breathe. Sometimes he is still sleeping but making noises and every noise he makes wakes me up. he did get to cough up some grossness this morning so at least he was cleared up by the time he went to daycare.
Lilly has a new St. Patrick's Day shirt and she didn't want to wear it to her father's house, but I finally talked her into it. Zach is wearing this cute green onsie with a blue dinosaur on it and it says SILLY. He's got on a brown bib with a green dinosaur and a green frog hat...and blue pants (the blue matches the dino on his onsie). None of his greens match, but he is wearing green. I've got on the only green shirt I could find. Its not very dressy, but I've worn it to work before even though its been a while. When I walked into the nursery I said, "Oh, everyone is wearing green!" and one little boy (maybe he was 2) said, "Its cuz its green day." and we had a mini conversation about it being green day and then he said, "Your baby is even wearing green, WOW! But how come your not wearing green?" I said that I was wearing green and then he said, "That's not green....its brown." and he makes a funny looking face. I said, "Its green! Its not a pretty green, but its still green." He shook his head and said, "Nope...your wrong its brown." and then he walks away like he won. Kids are so funny. My shirt is green, but more of an......olive green maybe? or an army green?... here's a link for shades of green I can see where he got brown.
I think Lilly is having her birthday party with her father this weekend. A joint party with her sister of course, like they always do. Lilly's birthday is on the 22 and her sister's is on the 24....a year apart though. We are gonna do her party next weekend, but we don't have anything planned yet. I have all her presents but one, we don't have a location for the party nor have we invited anyone...can't invite anyone until we have a location and a time. She wants the theme to be iCarly, which is gonna be kinda easy. We did find one cake with iCarly on it and some party stuff, but we've only looked at Walmart. We're gonna look at other places for her cake too. I did buy her some iCarly clothes, so her picking that as a theme is great. I even got her Miranda Cosgrove's CD. I didn't buy her anything BIG, but I got her everything I know she will love. She's got that CD and a Big Time Rush CD, Beverly Hills Chihuahua DVD, a dancing wii game, a Wii game where you take care of a baby...I had to buy the baby and the remote goes inside of it. I got her an iCarly hoodie, purple butterfly shirt that comes with a little backpack, and iCarly pants. She's got a mood necklace with her name on it and a butterfly purse and then some Squinkies to add to her collection. I still need to buy her a CD player. I'm excited. I'm gonna go around and see if I can find me some iCarly balloons, too.
I have this new sense of motivation now that I know people have plans for me here. I've put my butt in gear and am getting things done so I can be trained on new things. I learned something new yesterday that I'm taking care of from now on. I don't exactly know what it is or how to explain it, but I know how to do it and that's what's most important, right?
Last night I was trying to get a good pic of Zach smiling. He was smiling and smiling and cooing and sticking his tongue out......and I snapped a picture..........his eyes were crossed and his head was squished down making his face look really funny!!!!!!! He's sitting in his bouncy chair, he loves that chair. Lilly loved her's when she was little. I use to put her in it and let her watch The Price is Right. She loved that show. It was the only time I got an hour to myself back then. I used that hour to wash dishes or my hair or clean up a little. Lilly's chair was better than Zach's. I bought Lilly's myself. It was blue Pooh Bear and had a toy thing that went over it and vibrated. I lent it to someone a few years back for their kid and it disappeared. Mom gave me Zach's. It serves its purpose and he likes it. Its suppose to have a toy thing, but mom doesn't know where it is. Funny thing is, I still have Lilly's toy thing, but it won't fit on Zach's chair. I don't know why I didn't send it with Lilly's chair.
Ok, that paragraph was almost pointless........... other than to point out his picture.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!!

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