Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I know doctors will tell you over and over again, not to lay a newborn on the tummy to sleep...that to prevent SID's, you must put them on their back or prop them on their side. Well....... when we brought Zach home from the hospital, we tried everything. The first couple of days of his life he liked to be swaddled, but after that he absolutely hated it and fought to get out. We tried everything. We tried swinging him, rocking him, even putting rolled up towels under and around him to make him feel like he's being held.... nothing, and I mean NOTHING worked. He cried and cried and never slept in his crib. The only time I could get him to sleep was when he was laying on my chest, and as much as I loved this, I got no sleep myself and got nothing else done. After a week of crying and no sleep for Zach AND me, hubby put him on his tummy. Peace and quiet. He was sleeping!!! I didn't sleep the first couple of nights because I was worried and I stayed up watching him or attentively listening to the monitor making sure I can hear him breathing. But he has always had good head control. When he was just 2 days old he was head-butting everyone. As time goes on his head control has gotten much better and he's not flinging it everywhere now or flopping it from side to side. It goes where he wants it to go now. So anyway... he still sleeps on his tummy. I can get him to sleep on his back if he is laying my legs or if I'm holding him against me, but other than that...he's a tummy sleeper. Lilly was to, and still is actually.
I got a phone call last night saying that Lilly's first softball or t-ball practice is Saturday. I started freaking out cuz her party is Saturday, but practice is a couple hours earlier, so we're good. Now, I say either softball or t-ball cuz I don't know which one I signed her up for. I think its t-ball until next year. I guess we'll see. I should have asked whenever her coach called me. His name is Shawn...something. Her next practice is Tuesday at 5, which means I'll get to leave work early, unless hubby's gonna take her then me and Zach can get there a little after 5. I'm so excited for her. I never played any sports. My mom wouldn't let me sign up for anything in elementary school and by the time she was ok with it, I didn't want to anymore. Cuz by the time you're 15, you should know the rules and how to play and be good at it... Anywho, she's excited. She wanted to play soccer too, but I had just missed the sign ups at the Y cuz, ya know, I was having a baby and all. The sign ups for the community came up right after I signed her up for t-ball. Next year, I'll be sure to sign her up at the Y for soccer and she can play softball for the community. That way she can do both cuz the Y does soccer from the last week of January until mid-March and softball starts the first weekend of April. I gotta find something for her to do during the summer....swimming maybe?
Hubby called me on my way to work today...I was almost at work, to tell me he locked his keys in the apartment. I asked him if he had an extra truck key, that way he can just go to work and not worry about getting in the house right now. He said he did have one, but its in his truck. A lot of good its doing there, isn't it? So I turned around and I went about 5 miles and he called me back to tell me that he forgot he had an extra house key in his wallet........I had to laugh at him.
Today is the kids doc appt. Gonna leave work around noon thirty, go get Zach, get Lilly, go get Lilly's glasses and if the weather is good and not too cold or raining, we will walk the 2 blocks from the eye doc to the other doc. Parking is cheaper at the eye doc. There its only $2, but its $4 at the hospital where the pediatrician is. Zach's getting shots, Lilly's just getting a checkup. Hubby's gonna meet us there and he's getting Lilly to take her shopping for cleats and I'm taking the baby home. I know he's not gonna be feeling good after his shots. Hubby's first idea was that he could pick up Zach and I could take Lilly shopping for cleats, until I reminded him that Zach will probably be a bit sick and sore. Then he wanted to trade. If hubby doesn't get Lilly today after their appt, he's gonna take her tomorrow while I'm getting my bubby a tattoo and hubby's mom is gonna watch Zach. These are the things we talked about last night, but I don't think we ever came to a conclusion as to what we were going to do. Either way works, I guess.
Ordered Lilly's cake yesterday. Hubby called this one local bakery and they said they could do it for $55. We want 1/2 a sheet cake, with 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla with iCarly on it a picture or whatever. I called Walmart and they said it would only be $25...guess who we're going with.
We got hit pretty good by a nice storm yesterday. When I picked Lilly up she was giving me a lecture about what you can and can't do during a thunderstorm. Apparently her teacher was teaching them this stuff. She would say not to do something and said that her teacher said so. Then she started freaking out when she saw lightning on our way home. The wind was blowing really hard, knocked over a couple trees in my neighborhood, the lights went out along the main road and I heard that there was strong hail in some parts, but I didn't see any. I spent a good amount of the storm standing at the front door watching the neighbor boy chase his trash cans down the street.
So, yesterday...thanks to the blog, I wrote an email to my future self 5 years from yesterday. The awesome thing for yesterday was "Sending yourself emails to do stuff in the future" like a reminder to call someone or pick something up.... well a commenter~ Carissa (hey I went to school with a Carissa...wonder if its the same one) gave us all this link to email our future selves. So I got on there and picked 5 years from yesterday and wrote myself this big long email about what I hope to be doing in 5 years, how things are now, and so on. Very exciting. There was also this other commenter (commenter isn't a word, but I have no idea what else to use right now) ~ Jen told us about so I got on there and I wrote a reminder for my bff to tell me happy birthday ON my birthday this year.... she only forgot once a few years ago. Pretty funny stuff.


  1. I put my baby to sleep on her tummy last time.. now she is a grown up girl of 17 years old..

  2. My mom said that when we were babies (since we're the same age, I'll assume this was true for you too), everyone was supposed to put babies on their tummies to sleep. Stuff like which way to lay your baby comes in and out of "style", but my sister and I both slept on our tummies as babies and are just fine ;) AND I still sleep on my tummy.