Friday, April 8, 2011

Back to the ER

Left work early Tuesday cuz Zach was running a fever. Made him a doc appt for Wednesday. He got a nose swab, chest xray and blood work. Wednesday night his fever reached 101.6, so I went to the ER with him. They looked at his tests that he had done earlier in the day and said everything looks clear. There is a little bit of fluid in the lungs, but its nothing to be too concerned about...just watch it. Its not RSV, the flu or pneumonia. The ER doc said it was just a virus and his congestion that he's had for weeks is just another virus. They gave me a prescription to make his stuffy nose runny......I didn't sleep for 3 days straight. I took yesterday off so make sure his fever was down and we napped a bit. I'm still exhausted.

Lilly's game has been moved from Saturday to Monday....which makes me happy since hubby's gonna be gone all this weekend and he didn't want to miss her first game. She did really well at practice yesterday. Here's some pics of her practice. I figured out that my phone can take multi shots.....I love it.

Hubby was getting things ready for his trip last night. I was already in bed when he came home. He was getting ready to hop in the shower when his fire pager went off for a structure fire. So he got redressed and went. He came home about 4:00am, took a shower and did a little bit more packing. I was up feeding Zach. He told me he had to be at the fire station at 6 to leave and I told him I'd make sure he was up....I didn't wake him up until 5:55. I helped him get ready and finish packing and whatnot.....and he was the first one over there. He had to call a couple of them to get up. I was a little late getting to work since I helped hubby this morning and Zach was hungry when it was time to go out the door.
I'm kinda looking forward to this weekend. Its gonna be pretty and its just gonna be me and the kids, so we're gonna play and have lots of fun.........hopefully. I am gonna miss hubby a lot though. I haven't seen much of him these past couple of weeks. I hope everything goes well for him this weekend during this training/class.

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