Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

So I have decided that I will no longer climb the stairs here at work unless I have my cell with me. I went up 9 flights and was on my way back down when my knee gave out and I twisted my ankle. Thankfully I didn't fall or anything, but I very well could have. So now, not only do my legs hurt from climbing the stairs, but my right ankle is throbbing now.
This week has been a bit interesting. Today is a slow day here at work. Barely anyone is here. We should have had a party. I'm craving a big juicy burger. Might have to go out and get one....but its pouring the rain.
Wednesday, hubby lost his ring at work. Its a little loose on his finger anyway and I've been trying to get him to get it resized. He thought it flung off his hand when he was throwing stuff in the dumpster at work... the dumpster full of plastic powder. He tried his best to look for it in there, but there is no jumping in that stuff. After his co-workers convinced him that I was going to be really mad and kill him, he called and told me. I wasn't mad about it, I was a little upset, but I knew sooner or later he would lose it cuz it didn't fit him right. He was really upset, and understandably enough. I would cry my eyes out if I lost mine. He found it later that night when he went back to work to look for it. It wasn't in the dumpster, it was laying in the middle of the road. I was sooo happy that he found it.
There's a big Easter egg hunt at Lilly's school tomorrow along with free games, free food and free inflatables. We are going to that. Then after that we are doing another egg hunt at hubby's sister's house with all her kids too. Sunday, I get to visit my family that I haven't seen since February. I haven't seen any of my cousins since last July I think.
Zach's first Easter, Zach's first big holiday... and Lilly gets to be there to share it with him. Told hubby last night that we need to go out and get the kids some bunny ears to wear. I also need to find an egg shaped bib. I doubt I'll find one, but I'm going to look anyway. At least get him some kind of Easter bib. He's got a green Easter outfit. Don't know what Lilly's going to wear.
My bff has been trying to quit smoking. She started taking Chantix, but was having some problems with it. I really hope she does quit.

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