Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is here

Ok, deep breath taken, I'm ready now.
Friday, Lilly's practice was cut short because it started to rain. She was doing really well too. Then her father came and picked her up and she cried, and cried, and cried and broke my heart. Then, he let her call me to cry and tell me that she missed me..... 30 minutes after I said goodbye to her. Broke my heart again. I finally got her to calm down after nearly an hour. She had practice Saturday, but her father didn't take her because he had pictures scheduled. (see my angry face) He could have rescheduled it, but there's nothing I can do about it now. Not a big deal I guess, it is only t-ball. I get to pick her up early from school today for her dentist appointment, then she has practice....if weather permits. Its suppose to rain like crazy.
Yesterday was such a pretty day. We went out to Walmart for some shopping and spent almost $100 less than I expected to pay. Then we headed to hubby's mom's house for her birthday party thing. It wasn't until later, but we went early cuz hubby wanted to set up a tent....more on that later. I left to go shopping with hubby's sister for some food for a cookout later in the day. We ate hot dogs and burgers, played ping-pong and I took Zach out for a walk. Pretty day like that, I wanted to have Zach outside. I had him wear a light jacket and we strolled around a bit. He seemed to really enjoy it.
Oh, Zach is such a man. He loves TV. His favorite things to watch are wrestling, NASCAR, and of course Spongebob. He is just so fascinated by those shows. He will sit there in his bouncy seat and watch the entire thing without making much noise. He will coo at the tv at times and there is this one guy on wrestling that does make him cry. I ordered Wrestlemania last night, and he missed it. He fell asleep. Kinda sad he missed his first Wrestlemania. I missed that last 2 matches because I was just to sleepy, but I can watch those 2 later tonight. (the streak lives on!!)
This weekend, hubby is going on a trip sorta. He has a class with the fire station, a survival class. Him and a few others from the station and I'm sure much more from other stations are going out in the middle of nowhere for a search and rescue class. He's leaving Friday and coming back Sunday sometime. Lilly's first game is Saturday....he's gonna miss it.
I just got a text from Lilly's father's girlfriend with the pics that they just got on Saturday and they look really good. They went to the same place that I just took her last Sunday. I think these look better because they did her hair. I couldn't cuz I was in a hurry to get hubby to the hospital that day and she wouldn't let hubby's sister do it.
Here's some of the pics.........

Hubby's mom just sent me a pic of Lilly..........she is sunburnt.......again...........Ima gonna slap her father.


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