Monday, April 11, 2011


My office building flooded a bit on Friday. It rained and rained and was so horrible. The wind was crazy. Our garage elevator shaft was pouring the rain and our stairs were a waterfall. The second floor got it pretty bad, they need their carpet replaced.
Hubby left for his search and rescue class Friday and I worried all weekend about him being out in that crazy rain and all the storms we had all weekend. He was sleeping in a tent. He's fine though.... his dad got sick. He hasn't told me much about the trip, but what he did tell sucked.
Lilly had practice on Saturday. I got the kids up, showered and bathed them, fed them, and then we went to hubby's mom's house to give her some pictures. Then we went to a ball field to watch my nephew for a bit and then it was time to go to Lilly's practice. I took Zach, it rained. We all got soaked, except for Zach of course. He had it made. He got the umbrella and a nice ride in the stroller away from the mud. He loved it. He was back to his normal happy self on Saturday too. I could tell he was feeling much better.
Sunday I tried looking for yellow baseball socks for Lilly and couldn't find any. Zach was getting fussy so we stopped by my grandma's house........
Hubby came home yesterday and you could tell Zach was so happy to see him. It was so cute to see. He even got his first ride on a 4-wheeler...... just from the driveway into the garage.
Lilly's first game is today, unless she gets rained out. Its going to storm again today. She leaves this Saturday to go to a zoo with her father and he brings her back on Wednesday, but she decided she wants to spend the night with grandma, so I won't see her until Thursday evening of next week. That's just one week without seeing her, but it always feels like forever.
I know this entry is a bit unorganized and kinda short and scattered, but I'm just not into it today.

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