Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lilly's game went great. I did forget my video camera and hubby couldn't make it, but Lilly had fun and that's all that matters. She stopped the ball once and threw it to first base. Of course in t-ball they don't count outs, strikes, or even the runs. They use the games to teach the kids how to play the game and get them ready for the next step. All the kids had fun, except one. She was whining 10 minutes into the game. Zach went and saw his sissy play. It only lasted about 45 minutes.
Yesterday I almost passed out. I thought I was starting to have a panic attack and was freaking out. My heart rate was up, my heart was skipping beats, I was hot and dizzy. I didn't know what to do. I went over to my boss' office just in case I did pass out. I didn't want to be alone. Luckily I didn't. My feet went numb on my way home too. I had to stop and walk around. I thought it was my birth control, since I just started the Nuvaring and have been having small problems with it, but I think its also stress related. I don't like the Nuvaring and am thinking about switching to something else, but I don't know what else. It seemed like the only option for me. I can't have an IUD cuz it causes me to have cysts and I can't remember to take a pill everyday. The doc told me that the hormone that IUD's release causes my cysts and there's other birth control options that would do the same thing to me....like the shot. I apparently need the kind that release 2 kinds of hormones. Don't ask me the names cuz I don't know. There is one other option, but it kinda grosses me out. I forget what its called but they insert it into your upper arm and it lasts for 3 years. You can FEEL it. I did get the Mirena put in right after I had Lilly and it was in for 5 years like it was suppose to be...ok...almost 5 years. The pain just became unbearable and I had to get it taken out. The cysts were a huge problem. Other than that, I loved it.
That's all for now.......maybe more later when I have more time.

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