Thursday, December 1, 2011


I know I'm running a bit behind on posting. I've been running out of time lately. I left work early Tuesday so Zach could get the second dose of his flu shot and I left early yesterday too. I've been a busy bee. Lilly has soccer practice today, so I'll probably stay at work later than usual. Practice is at day care, so I don't have to worry about getting her anywhere.
Tuesday... what did we do Tuesday. We played all night. I don't even remember turning the tv on until the kids were in bed. Zach's getting good at playing hide and seek. He likes to find you. Lilly goes from one room to the other and he follows. He'll look for you until he finds you or you pop out somewhere and he giggles every time. I love it! Zach's flu shot was Tuesday too. I left work early to go get him and take him to the doctor. He had fun in the waiting room playing with the other kids and rolling the lid to his sippy cup around on the floor. The shot took 2 seconds and he didn't even make a noise, didn't even make any kind of face either.
Wednesday I left work early again. Took the kids to Taco Bell for some tacos. Zach ate an entire cheese roll up all by himself. Then we headed to Walmart to shop for a Christmas gift to give hubby. Lilly picked out a hat with his favorite NASCAR driver on it and I decided to put the kids name on a PS3 game I bought him. Hubby ended up surprising us and coming home around 8:00 last night. He's been out hunting and we haven't seen him in what feels like forever. He talked to Lilly a bit, she was already in bed. Then he played with Zach. We sat and watch tv. He told me about his week and how he feels sick. He did get one deer. I told him when he left last week that he couldn't come home unless he got a deer. hahaha. Maybe he thought I was serious since he came home the day he got one. He's heading back out today to his uncle's "farm" and won't be back until Saturday. Hubby got to move Dee last night. He put the elf on top of Lilly's tv. She didn't find him this morning. She'll be excited to find him when she gets home today.
Saturday I was hoping to be able to take the kids to the city parade, but Lilly has a soccer game at 11:30 and the parade starts at 10:00. There's no way we can make it to the soccer game in time if we go. Luckily, though, the day care is doing breakfast with Santa. I did this last year with Lilly before we headed out to the parade. You go to the day care, eat breakfast, the kids can do some crafts and get their picture with Santa. I'm not 100% sure we are going to do that yet.  

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