Monday, May 21, 2012

Long weekend in the sun

So busy this weekend. Lilly had a ball game Friday, a parade on Saturday, ball pics and a game on Sunday and there was so much sun. Game on Friday went good. We lost of course but the kids had fun and played hard. A ball even smacked Lilly right in the arm and she kept in playing. The coach's daughter hit the ball real hard and smacked the coach in the leg. That gave us all a good laugh.
Saturday was kind of hectic. We had to be at the meeting place at 9 am to decorate the truck. Me and Lilly were the only ones who made posters. It looked good. I even gathered up some decorations I used for Lilly's birthday party. Hubby was at work so it was just me and the kids. Zach was having fun playing with the balloons. By the time it was time for the trucks to line up and I had left to find a spot to watch in town, hubby was there. Zach was so good. He just sat there and watched and clapped and had a good old time. After the parade was family fun day. There was some inflatables and games. I signed Lilly up for one if the competitions.... Who can run the bases the fastest. She kept saying she didn't want to because she won't win and I kept telling her not to be so negative. What happens? She wins! She got a shirt and a $10 voucher for the concession stand. I was out there with the kids for 6 hours that day.
Pictures were at 2 in Sunday so we got there around 1:30. After pictures, we walked down to the baseball field where hubby's nephew was playing. We watched for a bit before we went to the car to cool off and the kids to eat the lunch I packed for them. After they were done we walked to the playground and they played for 45 mins. Hubby showed up right when we were leaving to go back to the field. Her game went great. Lilly finally got to be the catcher. I guess the coach finally went and got smaller gear. My best friend and grandparents showed up to watch. After the game we went out to eat with my BFF. Great day. Kids were well behaved. The sun was out and hot but I smeared the sunscreen in the kids so no one got sunburnt. Here's some pics from this weekend. And my awesome thing for today is **parades** who doesn't like a parade?

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