Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Will the rain ever stop?

Hubby's cousin had a baby boy Monday afternoon. I was going to stop by yesterday and see him, but things got complicated. Lilly was supposed to have practice yesterday but it got canceled becuase of the rain. All the rain. There's been so much rain lately.
I went out to vote yesterday, found out that I'm still listed under my maiden name. I tried to change it the last few times I voted, but I never really noticed that I never got a new card. Maybe now I will. While I was there, this little old lady kept staring at me. She was working there. Then I over heard her tell another lady that she was some boy's elementary school principal. I went over to her and asked her what her last name was, cuz I knew she looked kinda familiar. I thought it was just cuz she looked and even sounded like my grandma. She gave me a good look over and said, "Cisco." My head flew back and my arms went up, "You were MY elementary school principal!!" Her eyes got real big and she said, "BECKY!" And then I freaked out even more because she remembers me. 15 years later, she still knows me. We quickly caught up. She laughed that I didn't marry someone I went to school with but told me at least I kept it within the county. Oh, she made me laugh. It was great! Awesome thing for today **BEING REMEMBERED** I hate walking up to someone who looks familiar and seriously not knowing if I really do know them or not. I love it when it all just clicks and every one remembers every one. It is really awesome.
My step brother is going to court today. His wife left him a couple weeks ago and ran off with the baby. She even went and filed a domestic suit against him. Tony, the brother right under me, was there during this so called fight and all it was was an argument. Josh never touched her. He hasn't gotten to see the baby. The biggest problem is, I know she'll probably win even though she has no proff none of this happened and Josh even has an eye witness. I know this because judges tend to believe a girl when she says she was beat. What if she got someone to punch her and she comes in with a black eye? What if she took a knife and cut herself? Its been known to happen. Since I know I can't go in the court room with them since I'm not involved, I'm having Tony text me as soon as they get there and as soon as its over. Then I'll walk over and see them and see what happened. It just makes me so mad. There are tons of women out there who are beat every day and no one believes them, no one helps them. And then you get these other women who lie about it just to get what they want. Tony told me it all started when Josh said something that embarrassed her and she went off all crazy. Josh would never touch her. He would yell and yell until he was out of breath, but he would never hurt her or the baby. He has a good chance that he will end up in jail. Not because he's guilty, but because a woman cried wolf.... and she was believed. I'll keep ya posted.
Remember to stop by on Friday to check out my pics of good ol' West Virginia. I still don't have any pics ready.... but I still have a couple days.

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