Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, Monday, it's Monday!

Hubby did ok in his class. Said he didn't really get any sleep because he was cold and there was loud people. He said he didn't have to eat bugs either, but he didn't tell me what he did end up eating. I was worried about him. I know he was out there with a professional and I know that hubby camps out all the time, but I was still worried. He came him Sunday a little after noon, jumped in the shower then went to bed until 6:00 when I had dinner ready.
Lilly's game got canceled Saturday so we spent most of the day playing Just Dance on the Wii. We played at our place then went next door and played at the neighbors then after dinner, we played again. It's at the point now where Zach gets really excited when he hears the Wii music because he knows he's getting ready to dance. I got a cute video of the kids dancing. Here Zach is jumping and waving his arms when he goes and sits down but keeps waving his arms. He cracks me up!
So I've decided to use every Friday on this blog to share pictures of WV, the beautiful state I live in. A lot of people have the wrong idea of WV, so I'd like to show the real side. Be sure to stop by on Friday for my first pictures. I haven't taken any yet and am debating where I'm going to start.

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