Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One busy weekend

Be prepared for lots of pictures at the end, and no, they won't be in order because the app scrambles them up. Just look and enjoy.
So proud of my bubby for graduating. He walked across that stage on Thursday and I couldn't be happier for him. It kind of made me want to cry. Its almost like watching my own kid since I raised him. It was a night to remember. We all sat together. Mom, my ex step dad, my step mom and her son, grandparents, 2 of my brothers, hubby and Zach. Dad wasn't there and I could punch him in the face for it. Zach was good most of the time. Mom didn't think Tony wanted her there because she didn't get an invitaion, but come to find out my step mom sent them out...so that's why. Mom wasn't going to go, but thankfully Jeff (ex step dad) made her go. I didn't know anything about this until the next day. Anyway.... When it was all over, Tony came and found us and my step mom (Jayne) sort of bombarded him and wouldn't let him talk to anyone else. Mom walked out thinking that Tony still didn't want her there. We thought she just went to the bathroom. Tony kept asking where she went. We finally found her and Tony was near tears thinking that she left.
Lilly has been promoted to second grade. She got all 'S' on her report card. I was certain she was going to get an 'N' in spelling, but she didn't. She's with her father until Thursday and then she spends the night with grandma and I get her on Friday and we get to go to a game...and its hubby's birthday.
Friday, I brought Zach to work with me. He was so good. He helped me pass out the mail, he popped some bubble wrap, he played in a box, he laughed and ran around and flirted with the girls. One of the girls gave him a cookie and he was so excited he ran straight into a glass door. He wasn't hurt but he cried because he dropped his cookie. He quit crying when I showed him he still had a bite in his hand...then he crammed it into his mouth and was happy. We went to the mall so he could nap in the stroller while I talked to mom on the phone about graduation and we picked up lunch.
Saturday......oh, Saturday.....Hubby, Zach and I were headed 2 hours away to a funeral. Hubby's late grandpa's sister's husband passed away. We were following the car that had his parents and 2 of his uncles in it.........when my car broke. First it wouldn't change gears, then it started 'clanking' so he called his dad to pull over. As soon as we got off the interstate, my car quit. The guys fiddled with it for about 20 minutes before we decided to abandon it. Hubby's other uncle stopped and picked up the other uncles so there woudl be room in hubby's parent's car for us 3. The funeral wasn't really a funeral. It was sort of a grave side memorial thing. One older man passed out. He was diabetic and his sugar dropped. Hubby's mom ran and got some glucose pills out of her car and gave to him. An ambluance was called. Another lady, maybe in her 40's passed out from the heat. It was so hot. She was fine after a few minutes though. After the funeral, we went back to the house of the lady who's husband it was. I took my heels off and ran around bare foot. Not a big deal. I do it all the time. Well.... Zach decided he was going to run for the electric fence and out of the 50 people standing around, no one budged to stop him. So I took off after him. I stepped in a brier patch and some tiny tree stubs. My feet are all tore up, but at least Zach didn't get to that fence. The lady who's house it was did give me some pickled corn on the cob. MMMMMMMM.... I love pickled corn. Come to find out, Zach does too. He ate half a cob. I'll put a pic on here of him eating it. After that, we went back to see if my car would start. Nope. So we headed back home so hubby, his dad and one uncle could go get it with a trailer and take it to my in-laws house.
Sunday, hubby and his dad worked on my car. The motor is gone. It blew up or something. So... hubby's going to call the garage that put the motor in back in July to see if the warranty is still valid.
Monday we had a cookout at my inlaws. Nothing really happened. Zach ate and ate and ate. One whole hot dog, some mac and cheese, baked beans, cheesy puffs, ice cream and watermelon.
Now, we have to cram ourselves into hubby's little truck. Its very hard. It'll be like this until my car gets fixed. Even if the warranty isn't valid, it'll still be cheaper to put another one in than to get another car. I have to try to figure out how to get hubby's bday present home now. I gotta figure out what to get him first, I guess. I'll walk to the mall today to find something. I think I have some wrapping paper here in my desk.
Ok, here are the pics...

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