Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No words

Mother's Day was kind of a bust. It was going to be a busy day anyway, but I didn't get to do the few things that day that I really wanted to do. First, I told hubby all I wanted to do was to get to sleep in. Well... he went out with his friends the night before and didn't get home until after midnight. I was up at 6 am with Zach. I napped about an hour around 9:30 while Zach napped. We were supposed to go look at the house with his uncle, so he can tell us if there's anything horrilbly wrong with the house. Well.... at the last minute, it was announced that hubby's parents are going too. Now, I don't have anyone to watch the kids. We are tyring to surprise Lilly and it would have been hard to look hard at the house with the kids running around. So, I was mad. I was looking forward to going to over a week and then at the last minute, his parents get involved in something that they shouldn't be. This should be between me and him, not his parents. I don't want their involvment, I don't want their approval and the fact that they went when it should have been me is a bunch of crap. I'm still mad about it. They aren't going to live there, its not going to be their house. Its supposed to be mine and his house, but I guess its not. I guess I don't matter when it comes to the place we are going to live. His parent's opinion apprently matters more than mine. They really shouldn't have gone. They didn't need to see the house until after we bought it. Its none of their business, really.
So.. yeah...I was mad for most of the day.
Lilly did give me some cute drawings and she made me a card. I took off with the kids to go see Tony and drop off my step moms flowers. Zach's sippy cup had leaked in his car seat, so when I got there I had to wash and dry the cover and change him. Before the cover was dry, Zach started crying and wouldn't stop. Nothing would calm him down. I tried everything. We were finally able to leave and he fell sleep in the car, but as soon as I pulled into my driveway, he woke up crying.....and kept crying for 3 hours. I finally gave  up and gave him Tylenol and a cup of Pedialyte and he slept for 4 hours. Hubby and Lilly took off to go to a birthday party.
Saturday I went to see my mom. Lilly got 'bit' by a chicken. ................. meh.... I don't feel like typing anymore. I just riled up more anger. No awesome thing today.

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