Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Losing My Mind...

For some reason, I've been thinking about my past lately. Like... when I was 7, I did karate for about 3 days before my mom stopped taking me. And after that I didn't even ask to do anything because I knew my mom had no interest in me participating. I remember my older brothers in Boy Scouts and basketball though. I didn't even participate in any science fairs or art shows and when I was in the band and played the flute and qualified for the State Competition.... I declined because I knew I would have no ride there. I didn't do the band in high school because they did after school practice and I would have no way to get home. I'll never do that to my kids, even if all the running around kills me, I will always take them to do activities they want to do. I'm always at every single game and every practice for Lilly, and yeah, it'll be a little difficult after Zach gets into sports, I'll have to pick and choose... but I'll never not go or never let them do what they want.
Lilly's practice yesterday went for 2 1/2 hours. When we got there, I saw a baby bird in the field and I tried to get one of the coaches to go get it before it got squished, but he didn't want to budge until I told him what I wanted. So, I yelled across the field that there was a baby bird... and ALL of the girls came running, like I was trying to avoid. Then they wouldn't leave it alone. After we finally got them to put the bird down, practice was under way. I swear every girl got smacked by the ball. Lilly got hit right in the ear, but she didn't want to get off the field and cry about it like usual... because she didn't want to give up her position. Coach had her practicing on first while the usual first baseman practiced batting.
I guess Zach's pictures went ok. No one said otherwise. Now I wait a few weeks and cross my fingers that he didn't cry or growl into the camera. That's his new thing. He growls. He growls when he talks. I swear he's going to be a singer in a metal band or something.
My grandpa's birthday is today... I have to make sure I don't forget when I get home to have the kids call him.
Hubby's decided that he wants to build the swingset/playhouse for the kids. I hope he decides soon what he wants to do so they can get to play on it this year.
I realize that I forgot to post pictures again..what is wrong with me? I am so forgetful lately. I've also noticed that I'm losing more hair than usual throughout the day. If this keeps up, I'll be bald in a month and I won't remember why. I'm under a lot of stress and I don't sleep and I'm trying so hard to lose weight and I'm running around crazy all the time. I need a day off to sleep or relax. My day off Monday was full or running around and cleaning and exercising and more craziness. My days are getting away from me. I can't tell you the last time I talked to anyone... I go days now without calling my mom and I don't even realize its been that long. I used to talk to her every day. And when I do call... I can't remember anything I wanted to tell her. Maybe I'm just getting old or something.

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