Tuesday, April 23, 2013


When did I last write?? I don't even remember. I was off work yesterday because Lilly had an awards assembly at school and then she was supposed to have a ball game after school, but it was canceled a the last minute.
Lilly went to her father's this past weekend. He got married and Lilly was a flower girl. I got a picture of her with her hair all done up and her dress on and she was very pretty. I'll post that pic later with some others. She had a game Sunday which she was late to. Her father's parents brought her to the game, but she hadn't eaten at all yet, so they stopped at Taco Bell. It was 2 in the afternoon! By the time she finished eating and changed into her uniform, the game had already started. They won again and Lilly did do better this time than last. She made a homerun, struck out once, got out on first once, and then she had made it to third base but another girl got out and the inning was over. The parents all ordered T-shirts to match the team. Lime green with black letters. The front says Diamond Divas on it and the back has Lilly's name and number. I got Zach one too and the back of his says Lilly's Bro.
Saturday, it was just me and Zach, so we lounged around the house. Did the same Friday night. Hubby went 4-wheeling with some friends Friday night and stayed in his buddy's camper and then went to work.
I've been working on running... and my legs are killing me. I ended up soaking in the tub yesterday after my run..well, that one was more of a walk and sort of a jog because my legs hurt so bad. Soaking did help a little. I've lost a total of 14.2 pounds now!!
I brought left over dinner for lunch today... taco salad. Just the meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sauce and I even threw in some spinach. Tonight is ball practice night, so the kids are going to have grilled cheese and tomato soup and me and hubby will end up with jambalaya.
Zach has pictures at school today. I forgot about it or I would have dressed him in what I did yesterday. He was so cute. He had on a green polo shirt with a black stripe on the chest with green plaid shorts and green shoes. This morning, all I could find was a blue and gray plaid button up shirt and blue jean shorts..with his green shoes. And he has a bug tattoo on his arm that I couldn't get off. I hope the pictures turn out ok.
I just got a text from the news saying that the streets are blocked off around a hotel that is only a couple blocks away from me. The only reason is 'undisclosed reasons'... as paranoid as I've been lately, this is not cool! I wonder what's going on...

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