Thursday, April 11, 2013

Too Much Random for a Title

So, I forgot to post pics of the kids, but I promise I will later today.
I found this awesome blog the other day.
Its this dad who takes pictures of his son crying and explains why. If you have kids, you can truly appreciate this. It made Zach's melt downs last night a little less stressful. I decided that I'm going to do that here too. I'll show you why Zach's crying and just how much a 2 year old can throw a fit over the smallest things. He cries because I won't let him hit Lilly. He cries because he wants to take his shoes off himself, but has problems sometimes. He cries because he can't get his hat on straight. But then in the blink of an eye, he is fine. Last night he was crying because I wouldn't let him recline the chair out, so he threw himself in the floor and cried about it for a good 5 minutes until he found a jelly bean under the couch and stuffed it in his mouth before I knew what was going on. Then he was a happy little camper again. So... I'll be making more than one post for a while. I just wanna see how the crying Zach turns out. Focusing on just how silly his meltdown is really helps me not stress out about it. He is a very happy child. Like... very happy. He smiles and laughs and plays and tells me he loves me 99% of the time. But that 1% can make everyone's good day turn sour. So, I'm going to try to have a little fun with it, like the dad in that blog did. Maybe it'll help me stay sane just a bit longer.
It was hot yesterday. I mean 96 degrees hot. Its freaking April for crying out loud. Where is my Spring? Why are we jumping straight into summer? I only let the kids out for a little bit and that was with a water gun. Then we went out again after it had cooled off a little and had a 5 minute silly string fight. Lilly had a doctor appointment yesterday. She is 4 foot 5 and weights 67 pounds. Doctor said she is as healthy as a horse.
After I picked her up from school to go to the dr, we were making good time so I stopped at McDonalds to give her a treat. She wanted an M&M McFlurry and I got a chocolate milkshake. I told her that if she wasn't finished when we got there, it wasn't a big deal because we had plenty of time and we'll sit in the car until she's done. As soon as I pull in the dr office, she spills the ice cream all over the floor of my car. We run in and get paper towels from the bathroom to clean it up. Her reasoning? "I spill stuff because I'm your daughter." Did she just say that I was clumsy?
Weight loss is back on track. Last week I kinda derailed for a bit while I was bouncing back and forth between the hospital, work and home and fighting with my mom and brothers. I've walked about 3 miles so far this week and have been watching what I eat. That milkshake yesterday messed up my whole day. 700 calories for that thing! Never again.
So... I think I'm going to do a 5k in September. There's a Color Vibe 5k coming to my area. I missed the Dirty Girl 5k Mudrun, but I want to do this one. I need to start preparing for it. You run/walk a course and get sprayed with color at every station. By the end of it, you're a colorful mess. It seems like a great goal for me to aim for.

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