Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Rant

What a messed up world we live in, huh? Why can't there just be peace? Our civilization is falling apart and soon will come the fall of society as a whole. Times were bad, but now times are worse. There hasn't hardly been a time where the US wasn't engaged in some kind of war or battle. And for what? And what is going on with all the terrorist attacks, all the bombings, people shooting up schools, killing innocent people? Can we as a society not find a solution to all this chaos before it gets worse? We are supposed to be shaping this world for our children to live in. The future leaders of this world are going to grow up in a broken world and when its their time to lead and take over, there will be nothing left of this place. We are leaving our children's future in ruins.
Murder rates are up. Killings as a result of drunk driving is up. Suicide rates are up. Deaths of innocent people are up. What is going on here? If this is some sick form of population control, then we need to rise up and stand against it. It breaks my heart to see the kind of mess this generation has caused. There's really nothing left for our children to look forward to...just more misery and war.
Now, a lot of people are spouting off about the government taking away our guns. According to our fantastic Constitution and Bill of Rights, we the citizens actually do have some rights. I don't know what its like in other countries, but here there have been politicians trying to pass stronger gun laws and its making some people crazy. But here's the thing... making guns illegal isn't going to stop crime. Criminals will be the ones armed and all the good law abiding citizens will be left empty handed. Bombs are illegal... was there not just a bombing not even 2 weeks ago. Drugs are illegal, but they are more rampant than ever. I have guns. I like my guns. I'm a great shot and I like to hunt. There may come a time soon where all we have is our ability to live off the land. Can you hunt? Do you know how to gut, skin and cut up a deer? I do. One of the big things that I can't do is can food. I have no idea how. I'm making it my yearly goal to learn how. And also how to shoot a bow and arrow.
Yes, I'm kind of freaking out here. All those doomsday preppers that everyone is making fun of are going to be the same people that everyone runs to when the inevitable happens. You can't say that its not a possibility. We could be overrun. Terrorist have already shown what they are capable of doing in small numbers. And even the damage our corrupt government has done and can still do. Our economy is already in ruins..what's next?
As we all just sit back and think that everything is in control, the world is slowly falling apart. At any given time, anything could happen. The bombing of Pearl Harbor came as a great surprise and it did great damage. The groups FALN, JDL, CRIA and Omega 7, Fort Hood shooting...the World Trade Center bombing and then years later the collapse caused by crashed airplanes... the Unabomber... the Aurora theater shooting... Newtown elementary shooting... Columbine... Virginia Tech... the Boston Marathon... the list goes on and on and on and soon, it'll be the entire country. And that's just in the US. There's so much going on in other countries that my heart breaks for them. I wish I could save all the innocents. Al Quaeda is just hiding out, waiting. I heard that a couple members were intercepted in Canada after planning to hi-jack a train and drive it into the US to do some damage just a couple days ago. There will come a time when we can't stop them all. And what about the people already here? A lot of our attacks are home attacks. Timothy McVeigh, for example who blew up a truck in Oklahoma City in front of a Federal Building killing over 150 people and injuring 800 others. He was American as well as most of the others that attack and kill.
My husband mentioned last night that we learn to rely on the land and one day just pack up and go somewhere remote. I wouldn't mind having a cabin or something ready out in the middle of nowhere, but I can't live there until we have to. It was nice hearing those words come out of his mouth. Its good to know that I'm not alone in my thinking. I've never mentioned a single word of any of this or my paranoia to him. I have every reason to be worried. Anything could happen at any given time. And if we are unprepared as a civilization, we will fall into the hands of all the wrong people. Am I crazy? No, I don't think so. Anything is possible. If the fall doesn't happen in my lifetime, it doesn't mean that it won't happen at all. We can't rule out North Korea either with all their nuclear bombs and their huge military. There might even be a country who is holding a grudge but keeping quiet about it until they are ready to let loose. All of the extremist, all of the home attacks, all of the people that claim they kill for religion are here and they have already done some damage. It won't end unless we find a way to make it end. Its bad, but its going to get worse. You can read this and scoff all you want to and say that I'm crazy, but if you actually dig into the news and do research about what is happening, the worst is yet to come. I used to think that the people holding the signs saying that the end is near were crazy, but they might be the ones who are right all along. A big war is coming. Its been predicted by all the great people of our past. The times may differ, but we've had 2 World Wars, what's stopping them from going at it again? Peace Treaties? Oh, if we piss enough people off, those things are going out the window.
I wish I could find a way to make this place better for the future. What can I do? I'm aware of what's going on now, and maybe I can find ways to stop the tragedy. Now, I'm actually all for CISPA that was just passed in Congress just last week. Is it an invasion of our privacy? Yes, it is, but if the people monitoring can find a way to stop just one person, it'll help. I have nothing to hide. I don't care if they look into me and what I'm doing. Read my emails, that's fine. See what I post on Facebook and read my blogs, that's cool. Follow what I'm searching on Google, I don't care and maybe you'll even find a good recipe that you'll want to try. Its the people that are looking up ways to build a bomb and things like this that need to be monitored and stopped and I hope that the passing of this bill will help.
If I go down, I'm going to go down with a fight. No army from North Korea is going to come over here and take over my home without me fighting. No gunman is going to break into my house and take my kids. Bad people are out there in this world. Yes, there are good people too, but less good people are willing to put up a fight. Break ins, robberies, murders, serial killers, senseless killing happen every day. Who will be next? What will be next? Is there someone out there wanting to target me, target you? You see it on the news everyday and you think that those kinds of things will never happen to you, your family, your friends, your town. And not even just people... natural distaters can happen in the blink of an eye. Its great to see a community come together after an accident or a tragedy and show that they can stand as one, but why can't we stand as one all the time? Why only during bad times do we come together to help out each other? 
My eyes are open. I'm doing my research. I'm going to learn to be independent. If I never have to use my resources, that's fantasic! But I'd rather be safe than sorry. Are you prepared for anything? Just because you think that it can't happen doesn't mean that it won't. 

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