Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fruit and salads again

So I went to the class on Friday and yeah.... it was kinda pointless. I did get some paperwork done, so I don't have to do that later. I was, however, the only girl in there that went alone. I didn't think the class was going to much of anything so I told hubby he can come if he wants, but he doesn't have to. I kinda do wish he would have went so he can see all the things that I am going through and am going to go through.

I'm having problems eating meat, smelling meat, or even looking at meat. It started a couple days ago when we went to hubby's parents house for a kind of cook out and I couldn't finish my steak and I got sick to my stomach. That night we went grocery shopping and we came across the meat section and I wanted to throw up. Then we went to my moms mom's house...my grandma.... and I couldn't eat chicken wings. I got the hot dog down, but that was it. After there we went to my dad's mom's house and I ate some ham with no problem, but last night I made some chicken and I could only eat about half of it before I started to get sick. I haven't thrown up yet because of it, but I have come awfully close to it.

Well....Lilly is camping. She called me last night and she's having fun. She's been swimming and fishing and she even caught a fish. I get her back in 5 days!! I miss her. She hasn't been gone very long, but I miss her.

Haven't heard anything about the loan for the house yet. I think I'm give her until tomorrow and then give her a call. I'd hate to call her cuz she said she would call us when she knew something, but she also said it would only take about a week to know something. I don't know if things were delayed due to the holiday or what, but its been over a week. I'm getting kinda anxious. I need to know if we got it or not. If not, then we gotta start looking for a bigger place to rent for a while.

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