Friday, July 23, 2010

no title today...sorry

In a better mood today. It helps that I got some really good news early in the morning. There's going to be a Book of Awesome 2!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!
I've had this horrible pain in my neck/back since Monday. It feels like a pinched nerve or something. Hubby was nice enough to give me a backrub, trying to help, but it just put me in more pain. Loved the gesture though. I can't remember the last time he offered to give me a massage. It was really nice.
Lilly starts school in just a month. We are all excited about it. She's going to be in hubby's mom's classroom. She is an assistant teacher. At least I know Lilly will be watched over. I'm a bit over-protective.
Yesterday wasn't really a good day for all of us though. Lilly was tired, therefore she was very whiney. I was in pain and a bit grouchy. Hubby was frustrated for some reason when we got home. We did suck it up long enough to play. Me and Lilly went outside in the sooooooooo hot weather cuz she wanted to play frisbee. I love that she wants to be active and play outside, but its just so hot here.
Didn't sleep last night very well. Haven't really slept well all week since my neck hurts. I can't roll over without being in such pain. I'm hoping that it will stop hurting by Sunday when I get Lilly back.
Been feeling the baby move a bit. Mostly when I'm upset it will move around, but as soon as I put my hand up to my stomach to see if I can feel it with my stops. My tolerance of meat is a little better now. I can now eat, smell, and look at meat without wanting to throw up all over it.....most of the time. Every once in a while the smell will get to me.
I haven't gained any weight, I've actually lost 5 pounds, but I can tell I'm getting bigger. My clothes are tighter and I just feel...well...fat. I can't paint my toenails anymore without taking a break to stretch out. Bending over like that is almost impossible anymore.
I've been craving chocolate like crazy. Yesterday I begged hubby to go to the store to get some pudding so I can make it and then eat all of it. I was craving sour stuff, but that all ended. Chocolate now. Yum!
I may or may not be alone all weekend. Hubby might be going to hang out with his dad at his uncles "farm." I put the little quotes around it cuz its not really a farm, but a little house on a big piece of land. There's no animals or crops or anything. Anyway...Lilly goes to her father's today and if he's gone, I'm all alone all weekend. I'll probably sleep....and eat.....


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