Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Powers

If I had to choose which superpower I wanted, I believe I would pick mind reading or the ability to be invisible. Forget the flying, x-ray vision, or super strength, I want the good stuff.
See, the way I figure it, mind reading and invisibility would benefit me in so many ways. I could be invisible and attend college classes without having to pay for it. Yeah, wouldn't get a degree or anything, but I would have the knowledge. Mind reading would help me out in the same way.
Mind reading would tell me what people are REALLY thinking. I may not like some of the things I hear, but I think it would give me a better understanding of some people. I could read hubby's mind and know what he is really thinking. I could even read the minds of the smartest people in the world and know what they know.
I could go and buy a lottery ticket, then be invisible. Go to the place where they hold the drawings and make sure I win. I could get on an airplane and travel without anyone knowing I'm there.

Seriously....what would I do with the ability to fly. Go to and from work without hitting a single red light. Yeah, that's great and all, but I'll take mind reading over flying any day.
How about super strength? Lift cars off people.... that would be awesome, but how often will I be able to help in that area? How 'bout just being invisible and going places and doing things for free or sitting in on a meeting without the boss knowing, going to a party without an invite, going to an amusement park and not pay to get in..... oh, the possibilities!!
Puh...x-ray vision....what would I do with that? Look through walls? um...... how about a big fat NO.

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