Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Shower

So.... its almost been a week since I posted anything. I'll try to make this short. Yep, still preggers. Nope, still no name. Baby shower was yesterday and it went well. Got just about everything I wanted. I was so excited over the baby monitors that hubby's aunt Merle got us, the car seat/stroller combo that his mom got us and the pack and play that his grandpa got-since the baby will be sleeping in the pack and play until we move. Still no word on the loan. I don't really expect to hear anything until next week, maybe, even though we turned all our stuff in 2 weeks ago. It was just too close to the holidays to really get an answer. All we have to do is wait now. Wait for the loan and wait for this baby to pop out.

Contractions are more often now. They only really hurt when I'm having one and he moves around or when I'm having one with a full bladder. I can tell when I'm having them and they cause more discomfort than anything else. There are certain ways that the baby moves that hurts too. Sometimes I swear it feels like he is digging his way out.

My bff got engaged!! I don't know if I posted that already or not, I'm just so happy for her.

Ok, just a little more on the baby shower. It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Probably 30 people showed up. Hubby's sister and his mom were in charge of it all. They made blue punch. It was made out of Sprite and blue Hawaiian punch juice stuff. When they added the ice cream it looked like clouds.. so cute. They put a rubber duckie in there with a fire hat and some other things to float around in there. One of the games was for the guests to guess how big around my belly was. They each cut off a piece of yarn they thought was the right size. I was actually a little offended by how big some of these people thought I was. I'm not big at all. I'm all baby and he's a tiny one. Lilly's teacher had come and she measured her piece out by wrapping it around herself. I told everyone that she was going to be the one that wins.... and she did. Another game was to guess what baby food is in the diaper. Lilly thought that one was gross. Another game was that no one could say the word BABY... well... except for me and Lilly. Everyone was given a safety pin with a little flag on it when they got there and if anyone caught them saying BABY, they took their pin. Whoever had the most pins at the end of the shower won a prize.

My bff got me this one shirt that I wore to the baby shower. It has little thought bubbles coming up from my belly and the saying at the top of the shirt is hilarious. The only one at the shower that didn't find this funny was my grandma.
When we opened the gifts, I let Lilly open all of them. I sat there and she handed me everything. She'd open a bag, hold up something for everyone to see and then hand it to me. I explained what some of the things were to her like the diaper genie. I was really surprised at all the stuff we got. We got so much clothes, really cute clothes. No one bought the same things, which is always a good thing. Ok, well... there were the same diapers, but those are always welcome. Hubby's mom did buy an outfit that I had bought months ago, but I think they are different sizes. We even got 2 snow suits! We got another walker. My neighbor had given me one so I'm not sure which one I'm going to use. The only things we didn't get that I wanted was a bouncy seat and a car seat cover. I really wanted the cover so I didn't have to fool with a blanket, but I think I'm just going to go get that. Also got one of those sling baby carrier things where I can be holding the baby without actually holding him. I really wanted that, but that was when I thought my maternity leave was going to be spent unpacking in out new house. I could carry him around with me and get stuff done around the house. The cake was huge and really pretty. It didn't say anything about the baby being a boy though. It did have some blue on it so I guess that counts. All in all, it was a good time. Lilly had fun, we got some much needed things even if we don't have room for it yet and hubby seeing all the baby stuff got him all excited again.

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