Friday, January 7, 2011

The Countdown Continues

I have a doc appt today at 2:40..... wonder what she's gonna say.

I finally have the baby's clothes all put away. I cleaned out all of my clothes from one of the dressers and the closet and put them in storage bins that fit under the bed. The baby got one small drawer in the dresser and one big one and a little bit of space in the closet. I hung all the 0-3 month clothes up and the rest went in the dresser. All his itty bitty socks, burp towels, hats, mits, and bibs are in the little dresser drawer. I love little baby socks. That's all I bought him for Christmas. 2 pair of really fuzzy blue socks, and a 3 pair set... one pair was just blue but the others said, "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy." His blankets and hooded towels and wash clothes are all in a box at the moment. I haven't made it THAT far yet. I feel like I've been washing and cleaning and hiding everything forever. I finally got to the point where the Christmas stuff was all put away and then we had the baby shower. Most of the stuff went to hubby's mom's house. I'm gonna have to go over there and get some of the essentials.
I bought thank you cards yesterday.... 40 of em. Turns out I only really need like 25. I thought more people showed up than that. Sure felt like it. Sure looked like it. Oh, well.... everything turned out great.
I had a dream last night that we were in the hospital and I was in the bed holding little one. We still didn't have a name, so I looked down at him and asked him what his name is...ya know...sorta just thinking out loud. Well.... HE REPLIED!! Casey Adelphos!! (we have already marked Casey off the list cuz neither one of us like it and I have no idea where the middle name came from) And while he was telling me his name, I looked in his mouth and he had all of his teeth!! And they weren't normal teeth, they were ALL POINTY!!! After I saw his teeth and heard the name, I looked up at hubby, told him I was sorry and I woke up. Weird.
Feeling better today than I have in a long time. The only problem I'm having is lack of activity from the baby. I'm getting a bit worried. His activity level has gone way down. I don't feel him move that much. The only times I can really feel him like I use to is when I lay down at night to go to sleep. Most times he will move a lot then, but last night he only moved a little bit. I'm gonna have to ask the doc about that. (Yeah, as soon as I typed that I get a good kick.... trying to make me out as a liar, I see) One night, though, he kicked so hard to the right that it almost made me roll over from my back to my side. Not kidding.
My swelling is getting worse..... sucks big time.
Lilly is getting more and more excited about her brother. I just can't wait. I was putting into thought of another kid, even though hubby says we are done. I do want a bigger family, but after some thought, I'm not so sure now. I can't see myself doing things with another girl that I do or have done with Lilly. That's our stuff, that's what WE do, that's for me and her. And I think I will feel the same way with this one. Which makes me super happy that's its a boy. Does any of that make sense? Ok, imagine 2 of your closest friends of that are either both girls or both guys. Do you or would you do the exact same thing with one that you do with the other. Lets say you and girl A have a favorite store to shop in and go there every time you are together...would you take girl B there also? You and girl A have a hilarious inside joke, do you share it with girl B? You and boy A both like this one particular band, do you take boy B to their concert? Maybe its just me....

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