Thursday, May 6, 2010

For some reason I just today. I'll try to be a bit cheery for this post

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and I'm still not done with Mom's album. I think I'm running out of pictures to put in it. I gave her an album on Christmas with my wedding photos in it and a few random ones. When I thought up to do another for Mother's Day, I hadn't realized how many pages were in this album that I bought for her. I think I have it half full at the moment. I need to go to the store maybe tonight and get some more printed off from a memory card I had forgotten about. Hopefully I will have everything done by Saturday cuz that's when I get to go see her. I hate living so far away from her. Its only an hour, but its hard to do when money is tight and gas is going up and hubby still doesn't have a job. I need to go back to his previous employer and kick him in the face for laying hubby off. Anyway, I got a bit off track there.... I only get to see mom maybe once a month. I didn't get to make it last month, though. Couldn't really even tell ya the last time I saw my little brothers. One lives with his and my dad, one lives with his dad and one lives with mom, but he's never home. He is always at his dad's or our ex step dad's. Yeah, I know its complicated. Let me help a bit. I have 6 brothers. Josh L- oldest brother, Chris- next in line, Josh A- my step brother (he lives in my dad's house, but he is my step mom's son not my dad's), Tony- the one after me, Seth- my first half brother, and Donavan-the youngest and my half brother. My mom has been married and divorced 3 times. Had Josh, Chris, me and Tony with Dad and Seth and Donavan with my first step dad. She didn't have any kids with my second step dad. They divorced about 2 years ago or so. Maybe that helps explain?

To further explain my family..maybe. Josh is divorced with one kid that's almost 2 years older than my daughter and has no job. He lives about 5 mins from Mom. Chris works out on the road with Dad going to warehouses all over the US repairing things. His house is like 50 paces from Dad's. He doesn't really talk to anyone in the family except Dad, Josh A, my step mom and Tony. I see him on some holidays. Josh A is almost 21 and still living with his mom and has no job. Don't know when I saw him last. Tony is in his sophomore year in high school and living with Dad and my step mom. Seth moved in with his father a few years back. I think he is either a freshman or sophomore in high school. He lives close to Mom and just up the hill from my second step dad, so he visits them often. Donavan lives with mom part time and our second step dad and his dad the other half. He is still in middle school. 7th or 8th grade.

When I moved in with hubby, I didn't realize that I wouldn't really see my family. He doesn't understand that I need them. He lives 5 minutes from everyone in his family and all of his friends. He can see them whenever he wants and doesn't have to worry about gas and time or anything. *sigh*

My daughter's pre-school graduation is coming up on the 27th. I'm so proud of her. Oh, and btw, her name is Lillian or Lilly for short. Lilies are my favorite flower, and after she was born I even got a tattoo on my ankle of a lily. Did it without telling anyone I was doing it. A few people, i.e.-my grandma, was a little upset over it.

My second step dad's birthday is today. Gotta remember to call him when I get Lilly. I made him a collage of pictures of Lilly and me.

The reason I give pictures as a gift to everyone is because they don't get to see Lilly that much and watch her grow up. And its the one gift no one can complain about. My brothers still get stuff, but they also get pictures. I think hubby's gonna get some pictures this year for his birthday. Found some of Lilly sitting on his 4-wheeler. I had some other things in mind that I wanted to get him....but I'm broke.

Mapped out my money today for the next few months. How much is going where and how much I'm allowed to spend on other things. Hopefully this will keep me from going in the negatives.

Leaving early today for some Mother's Day tea at Lilly's school. She let it slip that they are singing, so I got to bring my camcorder. Wow...I leave in like 3 hours........I gotta get back to work!!!


  1. Pictures are a fantastic gift. I love getting pictures or albums as presents.

    Maybe for your mom's album you could leave a few pages blank with a note that says this is an on-going project ... you can periodically take it from her and update it with new pictures of you and your daughter. :)

    Have fun at Lillian's graduation!

  2. There are a few blank pages but only because I ran out of pictures. :-)
    I think this will be what I do every Mother's Day for her. Fill up an album with the pictures of the past year.