Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still going uphill

Leaving work in a few hours to go to my best friend's cousin's funeral. Its so sad. He was only 25. Like I said earlier, her family might as well be my family. I grew up with her family around. I only met this cousin once, I think. But I'm going to be there for her and whomever else will need my support. I know this has got to be hard on everyone.

I haven't been keeping up on the news of the oil spill, but I really hope they get that resolved. Just think of all those animals.

Thursday, I gotta go to the preschool for some Mother's Day tea in the middle of the day. I appreciate that they do things like this, but they need to understand that people work. Since I'm leaving today for the funeral, I don't know if I will be able to leave on Thursday. We'll see, I guess.

When was it? A couple weeks ago I went to my bff's house and she made me watch Desperate Housewives. I told myself that I would never watch that show, but she assured and then reassured me that it was nothing like I thought it was.... well...it wasn't and now I love that show. I have the DVR set to record it on like 3 different channels so I can catch up.

Ok, well...I gotta get my work done so I can leave here in a few.

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