Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Ring Ring" its life calling......

I need to start watching the news more. I feel a bit disconnected from the world. I use to stay up and make it a priority over sleep, but now I'm asleep before they even do their intro.

Tonight is movie night. I have made a little schedule kind of that we go by weekly. Mondays hubby goes to the fire station for his meeting so its mine and Lilly's Wii night. Tuesdays are movie nights. Wednesday is board game night. Sometimes outside play goes longer than anticipated and we don't get to do our weekly routine, but if Lilly's having fun outside..I'm happy. She goes to her father's on Thursdays except for the weekends I have her. I think we are going to watch Tarzan tonight. Next week will be The Shaggy Dog and then the week after that its Beethoven. I like having movie nights with movies that I grew up watching and seeing that Lilly loves them too. I got The Return to Oz to watch too.... I love the Wizard of Oz...its my favorite movie. I don't think I will like the second one, but Lilly's excited about it.

I have only raised $170 for Relay. Last year I did almost $500. I'm a bit disappointed in myself. It just seems like this year has flown by and my energy has disappeared. I need to fix that. I need to get back into shape. I was planning on doing that after having a baby, but I guess I have time to do it now. I need to stop procrastinating.

My birthday, hubby's birthday, our anniversary, mom's birthday, Father's Day, Relay and the boot drive is all next month. Its gonna be busy. I know what I want to get him for his b-day and for our anniversary.

I need to get a hobby. For those weekends when Lilly is with her father and hubby is busy...I need something to do. The only problem is, I don't know what I like anymore. I like to cook, but that's more of a thing I have to do. I like photography, but I don't have the money needed to get all the things I need and I basically already to that almost everyday with taking pictures of family and such. I use to write poetry, but it seems I have lost my muse. I just don't know....I need to get into something.

I'm sorry if anyone likes this person, but I just cannot stand her. Kesha....or am I supposed to put a dollar sign in her name in place of the 's'~ I don't really care. Her songs just annoy me so much. I can't stand to hear them anymore. She doesn't even really sing except for the chorus and I think her voice just annoys me. I don't know........maybe I'm just getting old...older than I should be, but I just do not like her. Every time she comes on the radio I switch the station or just turn it off. Sorry, but I had to make that known.

While I was staying with my bff one weekend she made me watch Desperate Housewives....I told myself that I would NEVER watch that show....but she made me sit down with her and watch it...and I loved it. I loved it so much that I am recording every episode with my DVR that come on. It's on like 4 times a day. I watched a new episode with her, but I'm trying to catch up to that point. I watched like 2 episodes from the second season I think and the rest I'm watching is from season 4. Eventually I will have watched all of them, but I will probably be a bit confused. So much happens with so many people. I'm so mad that I like this show....LOL

I'm going to try to use today to catch up on everything here at work. I'm a bit behind with my filing.... so I'm going to get on that. HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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