Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I do plan on finding out the sex of the baby. I don't see how other people can go all the way without knowing. I'm not that patient. I want the name picked out and clothes bought with the appropriate colors instead of green, yellow and purple. I have a feeling that its going to be a boy. I'm hoping for a girl, I have everything I would ever need if its a girl...I didn't throw out any of Lilly's stuff. All the girls at work are having boys, all one million of them or at least that's what it seems like. I even did some kind of Chinese gender prediction thing and that said it was going to be a boy. It would be nice to have one girl and one boy, but....but....I have all the stuff for a girl.

Here are the names I like for both boys and girls.....

For girls~and the origin/meaning

Rose~ English or Latin/ Rose (of course)
Asilia~ Swahili/ Honest, genuine
Morgan~ Welsh/ uncertain, perhaps bright sea (I guess the site I'm using doesn't know the meaning)
Madison ~ English/ Son of Maud....even though its both a girl and boy name.
Fiona~ Gaelic/ fair, white, beautiful or Latin/ Wine
Serena~ Latin/ composed, peaceful, cheerful

Rose would be the middle name. I really like Asilia Rose and Morgan Rose. Can't really use Madison because a friend of hubby's family had a kid last year and named it Addison...its just too close.

For boys~ and the origin/meaning

Alexander~ Greek/ defending men
Cameron~ Gaelic/ crooked nose
Dominic~ Latin and English/ Lord
Damian~ Greek and English/ to tame, Polish/ of the people
Benjamin~ Hebrew/ son of my right hand
Taylor~ English/ a tailor

I would like for Alexander to be the middle name. I really like Benjamin Alexander and Cameron Alexander.

Hubby hasn't really said much about what he would like for the name to be. We talked about it before I got pregnant and he was wanting it named after him if it was a boy. I want my kids to have their own names, I don't want them named after anyone. And hubby's name is used to much in his family anyway. His first name is his dad's and one of his uncles and he has a nephew with his middle name. Other than that, I don't know what names he likes. I think he's waiting to find out the sex before he starts thinking of names.

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