Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its hard to come up with a title sometimes

Wow.... I slept like a rock last night. Apparently we had a big storm. I didn't even wake up when hubby came home. I usually wake up when he comes through the door, when he's watching tv, or at least when he comes to bed.......but I was out. I do feel rested, but I'm still a bit tired. If I wasn't at work, I could lay down right now and sleep a few more hours. I just don't remember being this tired when I was pregnant the last time. I don't like being exhausted all the time, and it doesn't help that I have to limit my caffeine intake.

I keep having dreams about the baby. One dream, I went into labor, but when the baby came out it was like 3 years old. Walking, talking....big. Another dream, I went into labor somewhere...might have been my house.... and I was freaking out over a car seat and I wouldn't go to the hospital until I had a car seat. So, I sent my mom and hubby to my storage building to get a car seat and they bring back a paper car seat. By this time, I was holding the baby, but I wanted to go to the hospital. I got mad that they didn't get the right seat and I took off walking. By the time I made it to the hospital the baby had grown, jump out of my arms and started running away. Another dream, I was holding the baby and showing her off to people I hadn't seen in years. Sometimes I dream its a girl, sometimes I dream its a boy.

I got my blood test results back from where they had the health screening here at work and everything looks better than last year. My good cholesterol went up 3 points to 40 (needs to be higher than 60), my bad cholesterol dropped 17 points to 100 ( needs to be lower than 99...almost there!), and my total went from 175 to 157!! My Glucose went down 3 points to 83 (should be between 65 and 99), and my triglycerides went down 21 points to 86 (should be less than 149). I am so excited about this! I have been freaking out over a year, trying to get everything where it needs to be. My blood pressure is up a bit from last year, but I kinda expected that...ya know...with this extra person in me and all. I did have major blood pressure problems with Lilly and that scared me...I hope its not like that again.

So, I was talking to a friend yesterday and I was reminded about all the times I got pulled over. I have never gotten a ticket, even though I did deserve it at least once. The first time I got pulled over, I was going 95 mph in a 70. I was pregnant and a bit late for work. The cop pulled me over, held me up for another 20 minutes and finally let me go with only a warning. The second time.... different car.... my license plate wasn't visible. I had just bought this car from a friend, there was no way to put the plate where it needed to go until I went and got some screws, so I just put it up in my window. Well...it fell, so I got pulled over. My windows didn't roll down in this car, so me and my stupidity opens the door while the cop is walking over. He pulls his gun.............. I shut my door. When he finally gets to my car I tell him that I can't roll my windows down and he tells me I should have waited. Didn't get a ticket then either, just a small heart attack. The third time I got pulled over I was on my way to take a drug test for a job I was trying to get (working at the Toyota plant building transmissions........I miss that job). The cop was on the opposite side of the road, there was traffic in between us and even some big rigs.....and he pulls me over because he could smell pot. Now, how in the world could he even think that it was me with all that traffic and him even being on the other side of the road? I tell him where I'm going and that he's free to search my car.... I told him if he finds a dirty diaper to let me know. He didn't search.....I wasn't smoking any. I figured he could tell that my car didn't smell of pot when he came to talk to me. He let me go. How weird is that? On my way to take a drug test, and I get pulled over accused of smoking drugs! LOL!!!!

Been thinking about what all we can do for our vacation. Hubby had the great idea of taking a train ride. None of us have ever been on a real train, so I'm excited and hope that we do get to do it. The shortest ride is 2 hours, I hope Lilly will be able to hold up for 2 hours. I was wanting to go to an aquarium in Ohio, we are undecided about that. Kings Island is out of the question now. Bowling, movies, museum and water park are still on, though. Maybe even a paddle boat and mini golf day.

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