Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is it Tuesday...or Monday?

This weekend was crazy. I was never at a stand still. Two graduations, two cookouts, a pool party, visiting my dad, and hanging out with my bff before she moves so far away. Hardly slept. It would have been nice to sleep in at least one day....but that never happened. Kinda expected hubby to help out and let me sleep in instead of getting up at 6 every morning and not getting to bed until after midnight or later....I need to stop expecting things. I think I have said that before. Took Lilly to the playground so she could practice hitting a ball with her bat. She says she wants to play baseball when she starts Kindergarten. It use to be soccer until she watched a baseball game. Not softball...baseball. They let girls play baseball in this elementary school if they want to. What is it? T-ball? Little League? I don't know.

The pains in my stomach have intensified. Its not constant, though. Yesterday I was feeling a little sick and having pains in my stomach and boobs and hubby told me that it was all in my head. I wanted to hit him. He said that the day after I found out I was pregnant, I was saying I was sick. What he doesn't understand is that I always get sick to my stomach every day and have stomach pains every day even before I was pregnant. Its just something I have learned to live with, but now that there is a little person in there, it scares me and I need someone to lean on. I still haven't been to the doctor, so every little pain I have scares me to death...and I can't even talk to him about it anymore because he thinks I'm faking it. These pains are real. Before I was pregnant, I would get pains.... they were cysts....I've learned to live with that pain. But these pains are different. They are in a different place and they hurt so much more. I am very very scared about what could be wrong. The pain gets worse after I eat something.

Its getting more difficult for me to go through the day without taking a nap. I'm just so tired. I don't get to go to bed at a decent time and I have to get up so early. I don't sleep well through the night either. I just want to not be so tired. I want help, I want sleep, I want to not have to worry about working so many hours.

I was thinking the other day about finding a new place. It doesn't even have to be a house. I would be happy moving into another apartment...at least its a two bedroom. He hasn't budged. I need to figure something out. There's just no room for the baby. There's no room for us right now. We are all squished in this little apartment and I am dying to get out.

I haven't been on http://www.1000awesomethings.com/ for a few days. I'm sure I'm missing a lot. I was off on Friday and Monday and I haven't checked out today's yet. I need to get over there and see what's going on....and maybe grab some breakfast.

Today feels like Monday. I even missed my shows on tv yesterday because it didn't register that it was Monday. I'm going to be messed up all week now. Oh...today is hubby's birthday. Went hunting for his present on Saturday and finally found it.

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